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M: Good morning and once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. There is so much that operates in the wider scheme of existence that, from the physical perspective, is yet little more than a drop in the bucket. A little speck within the frameworks and the fields of existence.

Universal Languages: Mathematics and Music

M: I want to talk, as you have pointed out, regarding the connection between the two Universal languages – mathematics and music – because these are vibrational schemes. Vibrational systems that operate well beyond the physical nature that their expression is within.

spherical co-ordinatesAnd it is for this reason that the descriptions of Universal principles are both described by mathematics and expressed in terms of cosmic vibrations. One then must consider the valuable understanding that a thing is as it seems only because of the perception of the one [person] that is observing it.

So you could say then, that the beauty of the cosmic structure, as it is described in mathematical terms, is so much presented in the fluxes, the flows and the harmonies given to it in terms of music. Sitting within the middle of these two, what you would love to know, is that dance, that is, the rhythmical outpouring in terms of spacial arrangements, is both mathematical and musical at the same time. [I presume he is talking about geometry and spacial mathematics]

A: Perfect.

space-time_warpM: So let us begin then with understanding that all things operate within the framework of the fields. That is, as we have described before, within space and time. [lots of material on Einstein’s equation and space and time] You understand there cannot be any music as such, without the time and the language of music defines the degree of the extensions of the fields of existence.

That is then, something exists within space over a period of time. There is an existing scheme in which something is “allowed” to exist. Mathematics describes it in terms of its relationship between the ultimate indescribable and the smallest structure possible, that is a singularity.

When something begins to approach a singularity it is arriving at its beginnings. At it’s ultimate expression. You understand where all gravity has increased. (A: OK, I admit, my eyes are starting to cross at this point…) All mass, all of the weight of the creation approaches its ultimate at its point of singularity. [some references to calculus?]

singularityEverything is being sucked into the originated and it is, from that point of differentiation, that the field in which something exists such as the relationship between vibrative tones, one with another, and the emptiness between. Language and music is ultimately inter-connected.

A: Right. I can’t quite picture what you mean about coming down to the singularity and sucking it in.

singularityM: Understand, everything emerges from its conceptual point.

A: Yep I get that.

M: And the creation, as it exists, contains all of its components at that point. Everything, all of the gravity of it, all of the substance of it, all of the idea of it, all of the sense of it, has to emerge from that initial singularity. [as a quantity approaches infinity another parameter goes to zero]

A: OK. So all the elements… is that the right word?

M: Of course.

A: OK. So they produce all at the same time…

M: Of course, they are all contained within the singularity that emerges out to its descriptor. That is the boundary in which it exists.

(A: These boundaries are explained in more detail later on. If you have no boundaries for it to exist in the physical world, it remains a dream or a concept without taking physical form.)

Law of Attraction
M: For example, you want to have an experience. The creation occurs at that point where one casts it into the environment. It populates its own field. It is a container of its own self including all of its own field, everything in it. So many similarities with other creations that they overlap, overshadow, one another. So you create a world where you are creating your own business. However you have already created your own location in your own city. You have already created your own house and your own furniture and your own children and your own vehicle, your own sense of your self, your own challenges, your own benefits, your own liabilities. You understand this?

A: Yes yes.

M: And as you create over the top, these ones then take on a stronger sense of reality. So a new creation comes with lots of boundaries …

A: And baggage (laughs)

M: Of course.

A: So is it possible to create something pure without all that interference from all the other things? Is it possible to do that in this 3D world?

M: You understand, One has to begin by taking off the energy invested in the previous creations…

(A: You can often sense energy is stronger around something by gauging your emotions. eg – if you feel extreme happiness and joy or extreme anger or fear about something, you are investing more energy in that thought pattern which makes it stronger, regardless of whether it is a positive or negative vibe.)

A: Yes

M: … and that is why it is important, for the idea, that you can’t simply think yourself into a different environment when the environment already exists. This is related to what I began to talk about. That is the mathematics and the music of it. First of all one has to understand that the creation is the expression in harmonic terms. It is fitting together because it all sounds so true. Do you follow?

Stepping up to a higher vibe

M: It is all within the symphony One has already created and let us say you want to change the tonality of your symphony, you are likely to put notes in that which do not quite fit. They are dis-harmonic. [discordant?]

A: Yes, so you almost need to remove the manuscript and start again.

M: Let us say, first of all, the music sounds a little disrupted, a little dis-harmonious, a little – shall we call it – modern. Do you understand what I mean?

A: (laughs) Yes I do.

M: You understand, it clashes…

A: Until it all fits into the new tone.

M: Of course. At the same time, one is beginning to realise that the structure of the new creation has still to meet its mathematical limits. It has to fit within the same structure and one simply has to begin to change the formulas that one is operating out of.

A: Right. That makes sense.

musical_maths_iterationM: So you could say then, from a mathematical point of view, one is looking at the ideas that you have in place such as “the world must follow its ongoing pathway”, shall we say. And yet, from the mathematical point of view, from a more mechanical point of view, if a new energy comes into a closed system as such, it will indeed disrupt the system. Shall we say a judiciously placed energy, such as a billiard ball coming in, will change the trajectory of the future.

A: Yes

M: So you understand you are considering such a thing in terms of what size? That is what amount of energy? What amount of solid commentary? Certainty? Something that contains a certain degree of solid certainty will have more impact on the trajectory than something one is unsure of. What follows would be less solid.

A: Yes. So if I put this back into physical terms rather than big world, planet terms, in somebody setting up a business, if they are setting it on the wrong tones, then they aim to change their formula so that they can create something that’s different from what they’ve done before. If they are unsure of that then they’ll probably fall back into their old patterns. Right?

M: That is the case. The question here is to recognise that the first new import will create dis-harmony.

A: Yes yes

M: You understand. So you are going along in a certain way and you choose to make changes. The first thing that happens of course is that your children begin to play up.

A: (laughs) They are disrupted.

M: They do not like change, of course. So one has to persevere with the new music. One begins to continue with what seems dis-harmonious as it changes into the new…

A: tones

M: … tones. The new symphony. The new structure of the music. And move out of what you would call your classical tones into something more upbeat and Jazz.

A: (laughs)

M: You understand why I choose that is because Jazz is syncopated and that is a very useful word to come to grips with because it is a shift, not only in tonalities but in pace. [syncopate – to omit something from the middle, such as beat in music, or sounds in speech]

A: In rhythm, yes. But in a deliberate way. Not a chaotic way.

M: Of course. We are not talking about creating chaos. We are talking about shifting the quality of the music, the style, and at the same time putting into place a different structure, a different boundary. Sometimes a creation is limited by its perception, by its size, by its shape because some creations have solid walls around them. They are not fluid and any creation that is not governed by the mathematics of fluids but governed by the mathematics of solid form. Limited solid form, at that. Then the point I am making…

A: Is anything really that solid?

M: Not at all! Only in the…

A: The perception, right.

Linking back to Differentiation and Integration
(A: ie – go out and explore or find a new idea, bring it back and incorporate to change the current situation)

M: You understand. And this is why the science and mathematics of differentiation and integration are important because they are fluid mechanisms for setting a new framework. Do you follow?

One begins one’s new creation first of all, in exploratory terms. One has not yet set any new boundaries because it is essential to explore, but it is also essential to finally set a boundary in which to integrate from. If you do not have any boundaries then of course, the creation is endlessly fluid and takes no solid form. [Calculus – differentiation describes the boundary line; integration describes the area under the line (what the boundary contains)]

(A: This reminds me very much of the work I do with highly creative people in my coaching. Sometimes they are so caught up in the creating of new ideas and exploring the potential that they create nothing in solid form and it is my job as a coach to help them decide on some boundaries to they can bring it to fruition.)

M: Do you understand what I am getting at? Because when you look at this, when you re-read our conversation you will see that I am laying down the foundation to truly recognise the principles and process of setting a creation into place. First of all, by creating (shifting) the old creations in fluid terms. Taking away…

A: … the boundaries.

M: … the boundaries by having integrated them in totality. Understanding the entirety of the creation and releasing it from its reference co-ordinates.

(A: So when you create a business, like in the example above, based on your current co-ordinates of not getting along with people, not being good a managing money, unsure of yourself etc., it is necessary to loosen up the “solidness” of those old ideas about yourself and making them more fluid in order to start running this business differently from how you might have done in the past.)

M: They have references co-ordinates in terms of who you are. You limit yourself by descriptions of who I am, what I can do, where I am focussed, how I see myself. These are limitations that only appear to be solid because they have been set in limited solid mathematical formula.

(A: ***Excellent journalling exercise to look at each of these questions and making them more fluid.)

A: Right. We haven’t talked much about maths through this. I completely understand what you’re saying in musical terms. Um, so you are coming back to… talking about the creation of Self now, aren’t you?

M: I am talking about the creation of all things.

A: Yes

M: Because when one is creating from the singularity, it comes from within.

A: Yes

M: The first edge that it meets is the idea you have of yourself. [Identity]

A: Yes

M: Then it reaches the boundary of what it feels to be like that. Then of course it reaches the boundary of the physical body with all of its failures.

A: (laughs)

M: You understand, how one criticises one’s physical looks, one’s weight, one’s structure and so on it goes. Then of course, it meets the next boundary of how you are seen by others. Of course, you are not seen by others in that way at all. It is your own projection of the ideas and how you feel about that. Do you follow what I mean?

(A: This is like the Four Agreements book in Toltec Wisdom that all the world is a reflection of yourself. If you see yourself as not worthy, the world will reflect back evidence that you are not only not worthy but that it looks as though other people think you are not worthy. Sometimes this will be blatant and they really will think that because they have picked up on your vibe. Other times what they say and do is interpreted by you to mean they think you are not worthy when they didn’t mean it that way at all.)

A: Yes

M: So often there is even a disparity between what you think of yourself and what you think others think of you. (A: eg – you think you are quite bright but you think others see you as not intelligent and they misunderstand you. Even this thought pattern will be reflected back to match.) Then your physical environment begins to hold you into more and more solid structures, all of which have mathematical formulas to describe. They are solid plane formulations.

A: And it feels like the New Epoch is certainly not about that. So we need to find a way to break down those barriers. And I understand being totally present means that I don’t think about who I am or what I look like or what anybody else thinks of me. It doesn’t occur to me at all.

M: That is correct and of course, in terms of your modern mathematics, your physics and your astro-physics and so on, all the of the formulas that are used offer differentiating points which offer up the degree of probability.

Probability and Possibility – Making it happen!

M: Probabilities that are in some way related to possibilities. Do you understand?

A: No, I don’t get this.


M: Let us put it this way. You want to achieve something in your life and you begin to formulate the idea.

Step One – Create the Possibility – First of all, you have to make it a possibility.

A: Right

M: If there’s no possibility at all, what a waste of time. You have to consider the physical reality and the physical body. If you are a heavier person then being a racing horse rider is unlikely. You have to do an awful lot… do you follow what I mean?

A: Yes I do

M: The possibility becomes more difficult. However, if it’s within the possibilities of life then you have to stream out from that singularity the concept of possibility. And in doing so, one will notice how it interacts with the existing creation. You understand, if you want to be the jet setter one has to realise, what will happen to your children?

A: Right (laughs)

M: Because they will do everything in their power to override your creation.

A: That’s right. Well at the moment I think I’ve been creating the idea of me in a new car, a little yellow car that I like. That’s easier for them to integrate, I think.

M: Of course. Then the possibility is in existence already. You are beginning to see what that could be.

Step Two: Sense it in your Imagination

M: Then you begin to put yourself in it. You start to sense the feel. What is it like when you put your key in the door? If you unlock your little red vehicle.

A: Yellow!

M: Yellow, of course!

A: (laughs)

M: You open it up and the smell is so fresh. All of this …

A: So you connect with the senses and the emotional side of it.

M: Of course. That is making it more probable.

A: Right, so that changes the tone. So what kind of disruption would there be there? If we looked at that case of “here’s my old car and I’m dreaming of a new yellow car”…

Step Three: Finding the un-harmonious tones

M: Then you go into your existing structure. Where does the new dream clash as it were with the existing? First of all, there has to be plenty of money.

A: Right

M: There has to be so much that it is not even much of a choice but an important necessity for your yellow car. The probability then, you are making it fit. As you begin to do that, immediately you start to sense a different rhythm. A dis-harmonious tone begins to sound, as it were, in the music of your creation.

A: Right, so in order to keep with the new tones, even though it will be dissonant for a while, to just continue … it’s Law of Attraction basically, isn’t it, to…

M: Of course.

A: … to continue seeing myself in that car and the emotions and the senses and continue to do that, then the tone must change.

M: And continue to realise that the music is changing its sound and its place. You are not trying to impose something on the top of something else. You are shifting to a certain degree out of alignment with the existing.

(A: This is an important part of Law of Attraction. Even if it’s only in your mind, imagine you are changing to this new tune. Don’t keep looking for the evidence that nothing has changed. Whatever you look for is what you will find.)

M: We have talked in the past about how one’s alignment to the present has to be different for a future to be different as it goes forward. Remember we talked about changing your past.

A: Yes, the pivot point.

M: Of course.

A: Yes.

M: You understand why I am saying what I am saying?

A: So you talked about, there’s got to be plenty of money to buy the yellow car and if I perceive that to be a solid boundary then that is no longer a probability, is it.

M: Of course.

Step Four: Remove the Solidness of the Limitations

A: So in order to remove that boundary, do we just move our focus away from the fact there are not the funds to buy the yellow car? Do we just move back to the fun of being in the car?

M: Not at all. One has to look at the solid nature and understand how is it that it became so fixed? Why is it that you have such an investment in it being solid?

(A: Another superb journalling exercise!)

A: Right (laughs) I see.

M: And of course, as one realises that it is solid because you have described it to yourself.

A: Right. So it’s my perception of it being solid that is the only thing that makes it solid.

M: Of course. And if you consider it for a moment and to rename it as “not solid”. That is being able to shift it into the exploration modality. That is, “if I am to embody this creation as it is and I engulf myself in it then, immediately I feel its constraints.” You accept it as it is then begin to explore it’s weak points.

A: Oh, I see. So rather than turning away from it, you engulf yourself in it and then explore the edges.

(A: See how different this is from what we often do? Usually we fight against the limitations but the harder we fight, the bigger the obstacle becomes. If instead, we just accept that this has been the status quo up till now, then explore for where the story doesn’t quite match, explore where new options could open up, that is how we make the limitation more fluid and it is easier to overcome.)

M: Exactly. Realise that the edges are its weakest point because they are not solid as such. They are only the boundaries one has applied. Then you can explore a little further. What will happen on the other side if you were to expand this part of the boundary? If you were to change it’s shape? If you were to put holes in it?

A: Right (laughs)

M: You understand, by doing such, it becomes again fluid, more expandable and then you begin to realise what is it that lies beneath? Because as we have pointed out, these are layers upon layers upon layers, fundamental ideas begun in the history of time.

Carrying old ideas and limiting beliefs forward

A: Yes. Do we need to recognise those before we can remove them?

M: Only when they exist (for you). Only when they are imposing their nature upon the creation. Something that you don’t think about is just as important as what you know.

A: Right but if you’re influenced by something that was set in motion in the Collective Consciousness two thousand years ago…

M: And you are still energising…

A: Yes

M: … then it will still impact. If you are to take the ideas of your church with all of its history that was imbued into your life and you are operating within its constraints, of course it will overshadow all attempts to free yourself from the limited perspective you have.

(I have a feeling this, in my life, refers to my radio man with the ring)

A: So we do the same with this. If we decided that what we wanted to do was limited by the boundaries that the church set, then again you engulf yourself in it and then look for the weak points. Would that be right?

The expectations for male and female

M: Of course! Realise whether this is accurate, whether this still remains true and even so, what is it? For example, the ideas one projects about male and female impose huge qualities on the ideas of self and the physical world in which you exist. While either / or is in place the entire creation must apply. So if you think you have to work twice as hard to get anywhere because of your gender (being an woman) … Do you follow?

A: Yes I do

M: then of course

A: It’s true!

M: It’s more than true because the only way to change that is to change everybody else. Do you follow? Unless one realises “what nonsense! Nothing holds anybody back at all accepting the agreements.” You do not have to agree with anybody else because it is your Universe in its entirety. Even if others are experiencing a different one, one cannot (need not) agree with them in any way.

A: Yes I get that.

M: I realise that we are touching very deep.

A: Yes. I feel there are parts where I’ll really need to digest it again.

M: Of course and that is why it is certainly enough for today.

A: I think so, yes, but its been a wonderful conversation. I love the way that it continues on from last time. I’m sure we can continue on again next time too.

M: I want to say there is a lot to comment on when you begin to review what we have said.

A: I think so too, yes.

M: Then thank you for your time and we will talk again.

A: Thank you so much Mercredan.

M: Then Good Morning.

A: Good morning.


Before the session Francis and Annabelle were thinking about illness expressing inner turmoil and how that might compare to having your leg cut off. Also how language can be so misleading when people take a different meaning from the same word.

Topics: Soul family, The writers’ group, author, past lives, illness, descent, law of polarity, law of cycles, law of paradox, law of gravity, greater laws, 2 universal languages, masculine vs feminine, differentiating vs integrating, science evidence, intuition, pending disaster, world leaders, economy, ecology, mother earth, balancing the accounts before progression, rich vs poor

M: Good morning once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. It is so important to recognise that the only thing that gets in the way of anybody tapping in to the inner nature of Consciousness is the Self. In so many ways Human embodiment puts a dampener on the relationship between Self and the bigger Self, as it were, the Author. So important to recognise from that position, then you can begin to visualise the reality, the Universe one is occupying, and how it relates to others within it.

Then everybody in your World – every thing, every interaction, every inter-relationship, every dependency is inside the novel ideas that you are exploring in physical reality. Then such a thing, then, is the beginning of a storyline. However, as I am wanting to share next, then you belong one to another within what you would call the Soul Family. You have often heard the term. I am wanting to shift that a little. To call yourselves a “Writers Group”.

A: (laughs) OKwriter's-group

M: So you are sitting around with your typewriters and discussing what should next occur. Then one to the other you are identifying with your character and sharing it with another. Then, the unfolding novel is a co-conspiracy, a co-authorship that begins to support one another in the personal evolution. Does that offer an introduction to our next conversation?

A: It does and the analogy of the Author works well there too. If we are looking at the past lives that belong to the Author and within the writers group they use the same characters. Is that right? So you have the same Authors that mix the same characters within a life?

M: Of course. Let us say you are not a new Author but have many books upon the bookshelf. Shall we say that in most instances you have often been a Top Author as such.

A: Mm!

M: That is you have written many interesting stories in both historical times and in alternative ones. So you wanted to discuss the nature of physicality, the nature of the purpose of creating what you would call physical illness in order to explore how one is treated, how one requires a certain amount of attention. One needs the attention, one needs involvement because it is an important characteristic. If one was to, as you point out, lose a leg or an arm or whatever it is…

A: (laughs) yep

M: …does not disturb the exploration. It simply changes its direction. Often of course, one “donates” one’s limb because of certain difficulties, certain lifetime experiences…

A: Can you explain that more?

M: Let us suggest then, that in a certain time-frame One managed what I will call, to hack of another’s arm in battle, then the guilt of such an experience brings one to want to explore what such a lifetime would have been affected. So one donates the limb in order to rebalance and to understand what one brought to bear upon another.

A: So it may have been within the same character (lifetime) or it might be a new character that would lose the limb to simply understand how tough life would be.

M: That is correct.

A: I see.

M: You understand. Again of course it is only within the physicality of experience. As one progresses, one starts to understand all of it is as unnecessary and unneeded as Humanity turns.

A: Yes, so in the last session you and I were talking about having these old characters revisited and experiencing in an alternative parallel Universe as to how that may work out, that perhaps a character may not need to experience donating a limb but will get over the guilt instead. Is that what you mean?

M: That is correct.

A: Right, I get that.

M: And one has to understand that reality abides by certain rhythms. What one could call the greater laws that govern existence. That is greater than the physicality alone.

The Law of Cycles

law_of_cyclesM: There are certain rhythms that have been set up, certain patterns, certain evolutionary structures that apply in many dimensions such as the evolutionary cycle of repetition at a higher level. That is the spiralling approach as one moves through the ever returning fields as it were. In a larger context then, One has perhaps been referred to the Great Ages that keep repeating. That is a descent from the highest spiritual vision, that is into a certain level of perception and finally into the solid dimensions of which one can explore in a framework which is both consistent and linear in ways that allow experience to be integrated. I want then to talk about the law that governs polarity because we have touched upon it in the past. There are two counters…

A: May I just interrupt before we start on polarity? You were talking about repeating this fall from the higher dimensions.

M: And the return, of course.

A: The return and then we repeat it again?

M: Of course at a higher progress.

A: Spiralling up to the next bit.

M: Of course.

A: So as the Human species and the whole planet evolves and moves up to a different level, does that mean that we don’t fall as far (in the repetition)?

spiral_to_spiralM: Let us say this. Can you imagine a spiral within a spiral within a spiral? That is, you have a spring as such in which each filament of the spring is in fact another spring. An endless winding of which it in itself is yet another spiralling. Spirals – littler ones growing greater. So even within your own physical evolution there is a spiralling approach. One returns to events that One has not quite…

A: resolved?

M: … resolved …

A: Right

The Law of Polarity

Differentiating vs. Integrating

M: …and I want to bring in because it is important then to understand how this pattern still has to abide by the Law of Polarity. Polarity then, is the counter opposition of differentiation and integration. First of all One has to move into a particular experience. That is, One differentiates between past and the new. The old and the new. What One has already experienced – the known as  it is – moving into the unknown. To differentiate, to explore and experience and, as I like to add, to entertain Oneself.

A: (laughs)

M: To gather new experience and then to integrate it. To bring it back into your home and to toss around a little. To explore it in terms of what One has already experienced so that it begins to modify what you know, modify who you are. So everything needs the pattern of differentiation to explore and integration to settle.



M: Then the spiralling evolution occurs simply from the pattern of movement and return. Taking in and integrating it. Taking it in and digesting it. Everything to explore it is to gather what is unknown, gather what is yet to be experienced, that is to learn. Do you understand?

A: I do

M: So differentiation and integration in all things and indeed in set patterns and set polarities. Everything, then, is either active or receptive.

A: Back to yin and yang again, aren’t we.law_of_polarity

M: Of course!

A: Yes

M: So you notice I am not saying passive.

A: No

M: One is not passive. One is receptive. One has tapped into that which has been stirred up. So the evolution of all things requires an Explorer and an Integrator. That is someone discovers a new truth, somebody puts it in…

A: Integrates it

M: Of course

A: Right. So we do this on our own though in lots of little way. Like you said, I go out of my home, I find an experience, I bring it back, toss it about and integrate it. But, the way you’re talking, it sounds like you’re talking about two characters that are required for this.

M: Of course. You understand this is where a new life begins. So one important pattern is to descend and to choose whichever side of the balance One is attempting. Everybody in little ways but, in bigger and bigger ways, there is the nature of exploration and the nature of integration. And to explore without integrating is pointless and destructive. To integrate without exploration will not produce anything new at all.

A: Exactly. So for me, because I have chosen a feminine gender for this character, then am I favouring the side of integration for …

M: Of course.

A: … for society though? I’m thinking on a bigger term.

M: Of course. For stability so that One is not forced into destructive by going in every direction and not putting it into practice. Not bringing it in and bedding it down, putting it into service for the growth of the family. That is the nature called nurturing. So then, One looks to what is out beyond and One brings it back to the fold.

A: That’s the masculine that does that though, right?

M: Of course and then, in the fold, it is used and put into practice as such – or put into service is a better quality. So you understand without exploration there is no evolution.

A: Right.

Science exploration and evidence

M: The result of course is the prominence of the truly scientific mind. Science then is the pattern of differentiation. To separate out and to review alternative explanations and then it is important that the task of proof – that is gaining enough evidence – so that it can be integrated.

A: Right and I wonder if that’s what’s often missing. That science will come up with a new discovery with not enough evidence behind it. Then everybody rushes off to match that and then finds it doesn’t lead anywhere.

M: Of course the evidence is what is so important and One should always consider the evidence in line with the intuitive.

A: I was just going to say that. Sometimes you just cannot get all the facts and yet your intuition will give you a different conclusion than if you had just looked at the facts (at hand).

Language – new names for old ideas

M: You understand that over many generations, many explorations, they have only simply proven what was already intuitively understood. And in order to protect that idea then One delivers a new label for it rather than calling it what it used to be called. This is one of the importances of understanding that language – names and so on – are really simply representations of something else. So when you create a new word or a new phrase, One needs to consider whether it is truly needed and what the differentiation is between the new definition and those of the past.

A: And whether you can get that message across to people or whether they end up with a different meaning for the same word.

M: Of course because One has to realise that the repetition of experience does not occur simply at the same vibration. So it is both true and false at the same time, that it is the same thing. So we begin to explore the law of Paradox.

The Law of Paradox, Cycles and Polarity

A: Yes indeed.

law_of_magneticismM: So this is how it fits together. The cyclic laws, the paradoxical laws and the law of Polarity. And in many ways other laws that seem to exist fit into all of those. So One wants to apply the law of magnetism. Yet the Law of Magnetism requires the Law of Polarity because you cannot attract something that is not polarised in opposition…

A: Mm, there’s no charge.

M: Of course. So One has to develop the charge. That is to bring about the ultimate desire and that then is to identify the differentiation, the differences. You understand what I mean? There is so much to be learned because of the mathematics – and we have simply not touched upon the universal languages.

Two Universal Languages

universal_languageM: The two of them. One is the masculine arm and one is the feminine. The Universal languages of mathematics and music. 

A: Mm! Yes that will make a great conversation. This has brought something to my mind. I was sent a package a couple of years ago now which was automatic writing of the link between Quantum Physics and Mathematics. I have held onto these pages and not known what to do with them. Have you any suggestion for what would be a good way for me to get that out to the right people who would find the information useful?

M: Always a challenge, isn’t it? To recognise the connections between the intellectual and the intuitive. That is the connection between the fundamentals of logic and the fundamentals of harmony. You understand, music most often meets the logical framework at a metaphysical level. One could then talk a treatise about the mathematical formulas of a great Beethoven symphony. The mathematics are quite stunning…

A: I bet (laughs)

M: … as indeed are the colours that it produces. So there is such a benefit. However what an important and interesting consideration.

A: It is it is. I find there is so much in the research for the music I use in my work with the radio station at the moment, many of the descriptions are very logical, mathematical descriptions and yet I just want to talk about the emotion of it.

M: Of course because One cannot separate the masculine from the feminine.

A: You must have both.

Pending disaster

M: Of course! And not only must you have both but they must be in dynamic harmony and if you do not approach it in that way then there will be and is at the present time, a disaster pending. So we might entreat the balance between moving forward – that is keeping a stable and growing economy – in balance with a stable and growing ecology. So economy and ecology are both on the same balance. One will affect the other and One cannot simply want the greatest possible economy without truly damaging the ecology.

A: Yes. Is this the pending disaster you can see?

M: Of course. And One should remember this. That there is nothing worse than a thwarted woman.

A: This is Mother Earth?

M: Of course. Mother Earth is unhappy with the nature of how things have been progressed.

A: So is she able to express herself and correct the economy?

M: Of course but only in a very destructive way.

A: That’s what I expected.

M: In other words how will you first carry on? How will you first bring it to bear but by absorbing the economy. That is by requiring more and more of it to be used simply to stand still? Do you understand?

A: No

M: If you destroy the factory then, everything that you made, all of the profit that you made, has to be spent on rebuilding the very factory and so on. There is no profit in the longer term.

A: So are we moving too slowly as a species in getting our balance right?

M: Human Beings do not like to be held back. They do not want to take responsibility and I have pointed out in the changing age, in the new Epoch, we have already said there will be responsibility, accountability and transparency. And these qualities will become more and more brought to bare.

A: Right. So is there any way that we as a species can… appease Mother Earth? Can we, can we … (sigh) I just can’t see how we can get these politicians to change their viewpoint.

M: Of course but one should not blame the leaders one puts into …

A: (laughs) We voted them in.

M: Of course, even in such places where you do not think there is the voting as such, the leaders are still upheld, the leaders are still in their positions because of the support of many.

A: Yes. England is a very good example of that. Their poles seem to be so extreme in voting one way or the other. It seemed very fake to me.

M: Put it this way. Human Beings are still to learn the lessons of greed.

A: Yes

M: In the end there is no alternative because within the nature of balance, the Law of Polarity cannot be overturned because somebody wants it not to apply. It is just the same as jumping off your building and …

A: Saying the Law of Gravity doesn’t exist.

M: Of course. You have your King who sat on the shore and banished the waves. I mean what stupidity…

A (laughs)

M:… does Human Beings arise to?

A: That’s our entertainment, Mercredan! (laughs)

M: Of course it is the entertainment! and of course it has a little in the long term of importance. One simply thinks that a lifetime where One has everything is going to sustain One but of course in the end the balance has still to be reenacted.

So the old rich as such, who have not put their wealth into service for others, will indeed have to experience, or rather will choose to experience, what it is like on the other side.

A: Mm mm.

M: And even in their Authorship they are already indeed in the experience of it.

A: So the Author has already planned this out in the future? Is that what you mean?

M: I am saying that even in the novel there is still those that are suffering and the Author already has to have identified with it. You understand. The Author cannot avoid both sides of the battles.

A: Mm they must address both sides.

M: And One cannot progress into the new Epoch without One’s accounts being in balance. That is the point of responsibility. It is your responsibility to put your accounts into balance. It is until you take that responsibility there cannot be any progression into the new framework as such.

A: Mm ok.

M: Is that enough for today?

A: Yes, that felt quite a lot. Is there a good way for us to close this conversation?

M: One would have to ask whether you want it closed…

A: No! No just for today. I mean there’s plenty more to talk about.

M: …or would it be the beginnings for exploring more of these patterns?

A: Yes! I would love to know more about the patterns.

happinessM: Then thank you for your time and your attention and I want to suggest more presence, more being in the moment and being happy in the moment.


M: Happiness is to be imposed rather than an expectation.

A: Hm!

M: That is enough for today. Then thank you and good morning.

A: Thank you Mercredan.

(Comments to this channelling are made in red)

M: Good afternoon. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. At the beginning of every great movement there is always a shift in the nature of experience, a shift in the way that human beings operate and relate to one another. In the past, then, as the great descent occurred, so many things, so many ideas were lost in the framework that that represents. So often you are wondering, “Why is it that the past does not seem to have left behind even a minimal trail, as if… How is it that an entire history can overlook what went before?” So that is enough to continue our conversation as it has been. So let us begin.

S: Wow. That was kind of. Um… I’m really not… I began to think about my prior lifetimes that you were were discussing in a prior session, and wondering if that’s what you were referring to, that somehow I keep repeating my own history over and over again. Is that what you were saying?

M: Let us say that we began a discussion about the past, the Old Age and the old conditions, what you have called the land of Mu and the land of Atl, so that is Atlantis and Lemuria. And wondering why there are no physical markers of such great passages as it were.


S: Yes. [I am thinking Annabelle knows way more about all this than I do! Is he confusing us?]

M: And in the last episode we discussed what the difference was between what we called the Third evolution and the Fourth. [3rd & 4th Root races?] That is, how is it that those that came from the astral planes, from those places where desires took precedence. So it is that the magnetic qualities began to separate out individuality in terms of one’s owning one’s own concept — one’s emotions and their impact.

The quality of magic as it is understood. That later began to physicalize in what you call the age of the Atlanteans. Unfortunately, such [long pause] structures only required environments because one at that point could live within the boundaries of one’s own necessary creation. One could build a castle in the air! [he is talking about the mental plane?] One could imagine, like an architect, one’s castle and quite cozily live within it. So the physicality of such a system was not truly brought into place until the very last vestiges of it, and there are such remaining structures still evident in your current place. [physical buildings from the last atlantean phase?] Such are the great pyramids, not just in what you call Egypt but in many other places as well, some of which are under your oceans and some are buried under debris and indeed the icepack.

S: And those are the remnants of what little physical material there was from Atlantis.

M: That is correct. Prior to that. So at the end of that realm, that consciousness, there emerged a new beginning which was entirely in the physical realm, beginning of course at early man and their necessary interaction with the physical plane in the need to build in solid terms such structures in which to house and to shelter.

4_YugasS: So that was a further descending.

M: Of course. And at a certain turning point, one begins to emerge as what you would call science and physicality, and the desire to ascend began to take place in what you would (in your current conservative estimation) call the Reformation. The re-formation? Of course not! Many other cultures were much further advanced at that time. But evolution as such began to bring humanity out of its own descent into physicality. One began to value human relationships, interactions. Began to understand the nature of helpfulness and friendship, and eventually the nature of ideas and creations. At the point at which you would call the turning, now is the ascent into the next less physical framework, much more at the Atlantean building of one’s own castles in which one can indeed shelter. [Is he signalling a return to the previous mental Atlantean planes of existence?]

S: Got it. So have we descended now as far as we’re going to descend? Now we’re all going to be able to ascend back?

M: As we have pointed out, there is a necessary need to value the inner workings before one can truly identify with them. The result is the separation of two distinct universal viewpoints. And of course one can only create inside of one’s basic ideas. So one creates reality from the ideas and the potentials one allows oneself to experience.

S: Okay. [I feel discouraged, as if Mercredan is telling me my viewpoint is too limited to progress on my own. I’m afraid I’m going to get left behind in the old framework!] Is there a reason that our dear friend and our sweet Australian friend and I will all be together in a month or so, here?

M: There is of course the willingness. One has worked for many years to arrive at the point where one is willing to integrate with another. That is, to truly accept others into one’s framework. And, as my dear friend was picking up, taking on our analogy of the author of one’s own experience, the author not only of one’s personal experience but the identification with the characters within that creation. When you co-create each other, one then begins to understand the nature of the authors’ collective. Then you begin to support each other in one’s personal evolution. Because you begin to write in your own novel such evolutionary experience. So you move out of creating one’s own personal reality to co-creating a shared reality. [reference here to working together in ‘the team’ as Merc has already explored. The writer’s cooperative writing another into your own novel. A very provocative idea of ‘integrating with another in order to truly understand their perspective and writing that into your own narative.]

S: And I think that’s where I was going with the question. Are the actions we’re currently taking, co-creating, somehow going to helpful to all of us to ascend better?

M: That is the point. One begins to integrate not just on an intellectual level, but one begins to understand the nature of what one would call “bleed.” That is experiences of one and another emerging into a shared reality. The question then is openness to such an experience. Allowing another not only to see the physical or to share some portions of self, but allowing others into the most intimate places of life, without judgement, so you are learning: “Is it possible to trust another without having to suffer from criticism?”

S: Right. And I kind of feel when I sit in this chair that I’m doing that with Mercredan — that I’m giving permission, just by being here, for Mercredan to see everything there is to see about me.

M: And that, of course, is an obvious reality. The question is, “What is Mercredan as such? What is it that we are exploring together?” [Is he asking S to find her own Mercredan inside? Is he suggesting that ‘her’ Mercredan is a character in ‘her’ novel? Interesting concept!]

S: We’ve asked ourselves that question.

M: If you think it is some “thing” that is attached to my dear friend, then there is an exclusory nature to that. However, if it is a space like a room in which you can enter in, then all that my dear friend is doing is holding open the door while you join in the party! Then you begin to understand how to invite others in and not only that, but you begin how to open the door for yourself, for your own… For everybody has their own doorway and their own key to this space. So there is no exclusion, only getting prepared, only being safe enough to enter in, to find out what you will find out. Because if all things are to be accessible, even one’s worst fears can be unleashed if one is not maintaining one’s sense of management.

So it is important that you remain the master of your own (unfolding?) (involvement?). That you are not, shall we say, like the sorcerers’ apprentice, delving into the book before you are ready for its magic. [He is warning to have some understanding before you fly single?] There are many stories of this, of tinkering without having all of the training. So it is important that you come into this position with guidance, with someone who will manage that you are not overly exposed. Do you understand this? [Merc is preparing the way to touch base with your own Higher Self/Consciousness]

S: Yes, but who’s to provide that guidance?

M: Let us say my dear friend has managed quite well in that regard.

S: He has?

M: That is correct. And before him, his own teacher managed that involvement of course. [Referring to Margaret] There was an evolution necessary in order that he was able to manage this. You understand why in the past safety has been such a big concern, that one asks the ascended beings and so on to provide protection, because you cannot trust yourself from (building? tinkering?).

Lifetime threadsI want to give an example. Because you asked about lifetimes. Of course we could simply open the book and allow all the lifetimes to flood out, and then you would be overwhelmed and carried away with all sorts of emotions that are unimportant in the scheme of things. However, as a human being without such training, one would pick upon some item and magnify it into a destructive force in your life. So when we are exploring such lifetimes, we allow only the necessary to be exposed. Only enough so that you can manage that experience. [referring to delving into hundreds of past-lives which he claims are only lives with which you, in this experience, resonate with. The you might build yourself to be self-important, or unworthy and act that out, instead of living your life to the fullest.]

S: I understand. Our dear friend told me once that he thinks of Mercredan as just an expression of his own higher self. But you said that we all can access that space…

M: Let us put it this way. The doorway that you are entering into the space through is the dressing room of Mr. Mercredan! And next door is your own doorway with its own star on it! It is your own dressing room, however, inside is the same space. [Nice way of saying you are the star on your own tonight show]

S: Right. So at some point in this ascension that we’re all hoping and striving for and trying to create, will we all be able to go through that door and access that space at some point, if we really want to get there?

M: Provided one is open and willing, provided one is not clouding the waters with one’s ideas that are carried along. But you have to understand that for many people, they have other driving forces clouding the way. For example, if you want to be filled with… want to gain fame and want followers, then of course that will cloud the open space, and you will only see what is inside through that filter and through the Merc that that will put in place. [another warning to stay clear of desires]

S: Okay. So is there a way for… We are so caught up in being in the story, it seems to me there is no way to know how clouded up our own stuff is…

M: Let yourself go. Let yourself ascend at least back into the office — that is, behind the typewriter, being the author. Then you can look down at your creation. You can look down at your story, and often when you are writing a story you are not so happy with the character that you have created. The question is this: “What event would you put in place that would suddenly awaken this character to their true higher purpose?” Do you follow what I mean?

S: Kind of. It’s hard for me to imagine what that would be. [This seems to be the biggest challenge for most people. There seems to me to be a connection between passion and purpose. In NLP we often talked about ]

M: If you take yourself out of your life and you look at it in the whole, what is missing? What is it that has been returned, if you like, planted as a pearl in the ground to be picked up, and that one has simply missed it? It is not about judging the character. It is about the evolution of a being from its early beginnings to a rounded point where they are ready to pass out of the physical world. So if you look at yourself with compassion, without judgements or criticisms, only looking at, “What could happen? What is it that this Great Being is missing? Just a little pearl and how would I place it in front of them? What is it that she worries about? What is it that she carries on inside herself about? What is it that she rails against?” All of these are simply markers trying to get you to pick up the pearl! [You might pick this up as a criticism, but I sense that he is suggesting that you are on the verge of making sense of your entire life. Like finding a key to a puzzle that has stumped you for years. I feel its an exciting prospect.]

S: I am so obtuse, I just can’t see the pearl! I feel like I’ve got markers everywhere and I’m still missing it!

M: Of course, that is the point. Because you are trying too hard. You are trying, and in the end there is a subtle judgement that you are not smart enough, that you are not clean enough, you are not spiritual enough. There is many criticisms, instead of looking at what is in front of you. That is, stop it all and be present! And when someone comes into your life, be present for them. And this is what we are hoping to occur is that when all of your are accumulated in a single spot, you will understand and learn how to be present. [I hope we will have time and space to make this happen.]

S: Oh, that would be fabulous!

M: You understand, not in the mind, but totally present in the extraordinary moment that will happen. So all of the excuses are simply what they are. Being present is an extraordinary opportunity. So that one of the advantages is that when people get to be present together, they alter their fields, they help each other to generate a field of compassion, acceptance, and freedom from criticism. So then when others come into the field, then they will find pure acceptance. [Is he giving a subtle hint here of what to work on?]

S: Okay.

M: Then you have less need to explain yourself. Less need to engage yourself. “Engaging” being on a mental level, that is by talking and so on. Simply being present in the moment. So there is time to engage that ability.

S: I was hoping for that, but we’ll see.

M: I want to point out that you may not have connected our introduction to this level of being. You are eager to engage in the pathway of evolution, that is shifting to what was the Atlantean age in its (eternal? this would make sense) (returning ?) journey. Shifting from the negative and self-absorbed nature of magic into the personal use of magic for the benefit of the evolution of humanity. [what do you know about Huna? Who do you know who does know about it? Hawaiian magic]

S: Yeah. In my conscious thinking that’s what I want. But I have a feeling that underneath it all, I’m stuck back on the other of being self indulgent and self absorbed. I don’t want to be, but I think I must be because I’m still stuck in the story. [my question is “who would you be if you weren’t you? If you put down the book and stopped reading, what sort of person would write such a story?”]

M: You mentioned in your previous conversation that you have the results of an accident holding you in a certain place, and yet it was no accident that such an “accident” came simply as a mechanism to stop what you were indulging in.

S: I hear what you’re saying. I don’t know what it is I was indulging in.

law-and-paradoxM: I suggest that you review the circumstances. Not the event, but the circumstances of the life at that time. And understand that such a shock can be both holding one up, holding one back, and catapulting one into a different position. The paradox is that opposite extremes fold in upon themselves. The law of paradox suggests that once one arrives at the outer extreme, that is the outermost extremity, one suddenly realizes that the two arms of the paradox are consistent. They are the same thing! [He once described the Law of Paradox as two extremes that are both true and false at the same time, and that once you arrive fully at one extreme you discover it is actually the opposite extreme wrapping around itself, if I’ve got that right.]

S: I kind of understand. I’m still not sure what you’re saying about that particular accident that wasn’t an accident. I just need some time to go back to that time in my life and try to remember what was going on specifically. Other than my next door neighbour issue, I’m not sure…

M: You understand, not just your next door neighbour, but those that are close by. That neighbour, of course, is a part of self. You cannot escape from your projections onto others. Does that make sense?

S: It does. It’s still a quandary to me about how to get out of… It feels like I’m in a well and I’m not sure what I see except tall sides I don’t see it yet, but maybe I will after I listen to it again a few time and hear what you’re saying more. Right now I don’t know how to translate what you’re saying into what I know consciously. [I think he’s saying that you’re separating yourself out from the novel, and your character is becoming victim to another of your characters. Of course, you wrote both of them into the story, and it would be a poor story without some drama! If you can’t or won’t laugh at the character then you remain trapped in the story. If you see them both equally, then you become the author, and can review the relationship.]

M: I will leave it at this point, because one has to know when enough is enough. When enough fuel on the fire is enough for it to get started again. Because you need to regenerate. You need to release all of the tied up energy in that experience. [he’s saying that you’re wasting energy on the right-wrong game, rather than the pearl of wisdom this scene contains]

S: Hmmm. It felt like it got released when the problem went away. I don’t know how to do what you’re saying. It’s kind of like the hose that I thought was empty, but seems there must be more water in the line that I don’t know is there, and it must be affecting me. Could you explain this just a little bit more?

M: I want to say that whatever is residual is residual because you are feeding it with yourself. You are holding yourself back as a result of that interaction. You know what I mean. You are using the experience, the non-accident accident as a method for stopping yourself being at risk.

S: Oh! Okay. So. Hmmm. Well, I’ll think on that one. I wonder what I’m at risk of. Hmmm. [many people run the fear of the unknown. Don’t do anything that you can’t control, that you haven’t got all the information on. The new humans seem to be willing to take huge risks, because they think there isn’t anything they can’t recover from. They know they create it all anyway]

M: Do you understand, that if you go outside, then you become more at risk. You are ever more exposed to the risks of life. And underneath that risk of life is the idea that you are not safe within it. When one assumes one is not safe within life, one then makes life physical. And when one makes life physical, one begins to avoid life because the ultimate end point is death. All of this is because one does not truly believe that death is yet another doorway into a new experience. It is not yet the exciting possibility that it truly is. [saying, “what’s your problem with Death?”]

S: But on a conscious level, that IS what I think! [I cannot even believe I am arguing with Mercredan!] As I sit here, I’m excited about death.  It does seem like a new door, and a new adventure, and a continuation. [Is he tapping into something to do with the “neighbour”? Or the “accident”? It seems as if this is where the discussion came from]

M: I will leave you to ponder on that.

S: Oh, that’s going to be a deep one to try to figure out.

M: I am going to suggest not to figure it out, but to ponder on it. Put it into the pot and boil it up so that it can open its petals. That you are not thinking and trying to dig it apart, but you are enticing it to show its beauty.

S: Okay. Thank you Mercredan. I’ll try. We’ll hope that the fire catches from that. [very long pause] Is there anything else you’d like to say before we end this?

M: I have noth… Only if you have a question. Once again, stirring the infinite with questions is the best way to bring forth that which is ready to be understood.

S: I do have another question, then, that I’d [like] to ask, something that’s been on my mind in follow up to a discussion we had awhile ago. You said that the first step that we have is we choose to enter this world, to assume physicality, is to be in the physical body and say, “I am awake.” At what point does the soul enter the physical body to begin to have the experiences of physicality? Is it before our physical birth? Can you explain that?

M: One expects that there is a single moment, but it is much more like trial and error. Most often, this is the normal, a soul will test its developing vehicle at early stage, coming in and orienting itself into the model, and begins to influence its general appearances. Often then it will come back at the time what is called the “quickening.” There begins to be movement and an attempt to fit in the body, to gain some sort of control over its operating system as it were. Then one might at this point choose which gender one is going to most usefully work with.

The most important thing is first of all there is the need to exist as a physical manifestation. One then chooses and moderates the physical vehicle into its gender. For others that often have a difficulty or a lack of willingness to incarnate in body as I would prefer, they might wait for quite a period of time. Then the baby, even after it is born, is often not fully embodied. The soul nature is still attempting to come to terms with the gravity of the situation.

Gravity is the degree of heaviness that every body has to deal with. Some people have a lightness of spirit and others have to deal with the gravity of their situation. So it is over some period of time that in the end all beings have descended into their permanent vehicles. And for others, they may retain a certain disposition; they have a certain connection outside so they remain quite consciously connected to the higher vibrations. [he is saying that a baby might not fully incarnate at birth. I wonder if some children never fully incarnate?]

S: You’re saying some souls after they incarnate can maintain a better connection than others.

M: Of course. They do not forget themselves into the physical nature of the world. And these ones often are what you would call quite perceptive, not just as you would say they are psychic, but they are more perceptive of what is happening around them.

S: I understand. Okay. That’s perfect. Thank you so much.

M: Is that enough for today?

S: It is. You’re absolutely wonderful and I appreciate it.

M: Then once again, such penetrating questions are invaluable as markers as you go forward in this fascinating life. Then thank you and good afternoon.


After what seemed like two or three minutes, Francis said, “That was difficult to get out, and difficult to get back. It was interesting. It seemed slow; I was just waiting. There is nothing in my mind,” so we have to go on total trust that this is going to connect to something.”