Mercredan defines himself as an energy co-ordinate being located inside of Conscious Awareness

“Today there is much more acceptance of the validity of information and perspectives coming from deeper levels of creation. Mercredan notes taht each individual is a unique expression of Divine Source. As such, each one has a connection the Source of All Creation, and potentially all knowledge. There are many individuals channelling both information and direct energy, yet the purity of the manifestation is determined by their ability to put their ego-identities to one side. Thus, their intention for channelling is of Prime Importance. If the intention is for fame or fortune, then the purity of purpose is lost, and with it the pure connection to Source. At some level all channelling has to be interpreted through an individual’s filters.”

Consultations are conducted as expressions of meaning and feeling.
They are conducted as question & answer conversations.

“Personal consultations are of value for people when they find themselves so involved with an experience that they can no longer find the way to their own inner guidance. Many people think that they are receiving guidance, when the truth is it is being distorted by their own needs and wishes.

Being clear here, every piece of direction, or understanding comes from the Source level of Creation. What you do with this in life is determined by the distortions you impose upon it through your beliefs and feelings of limitation and inadequacy, nothing else.

When you separate from yourself and give out for the highest good of all concerned, and you have nothing running on the outcome, then you are truly channelling. People have gifts to do this in a variety of ways. Many times the gifts are observable when they are transmitted at the energetic level, free of emotional, or intellectual content. The intention is purely to help another human being. There is no inclination for affecting the other person’s emotions, and thus disturbing the condensation of belief structures. Nor is there any purpose to effect the person’s understanding, and thus effect the assemblage of limited beliefs.

For it is in the inspiration of the intellectual from the perfect and crystallising in form towards the solid, in the physical that all distortions and thus suffering, is created.”

Mercredan, July 1997