by Francis Evans ©2000

When beginning any project or enterprise the value of having sufficient financial backing is well understood. There are many people, more so than ever before, who have become wealthy overnight through the distribution of an idea whose time has come. How does this happen? Here are some thoughts on the matter.

When the results of staying where you are is too painful to stop you getting what you want. Desperation can be the most powerful motivator. When you say to yourself – I will not put up with this. At this moment you cross a threshold, when enough is enough. In practice, I’ve noted that people don’t change anything until the pain of staying where they are is greater than the fear of doing something different. We as humans seem to need crisis before we will change our behaviour. (NB. Climate change has been with us for half a century yet it is only since weather patterns have caused serious financial damage have we even begun to talk about what we might do).
Unlike other change agents, often my professional job is threefold; the first is to help someone decide what they would prefer in place of what they have; second is to reduce the fear they have already invested in the needed change; and lastly, increase the level of anxiety until they are willing to overcome that fear.
The one word most often misrepresented. Decision comes from the Latin, and means to cut free. A decision is made when there is no going back to reconsider, it is a done deal, it has been cut free. A decision needs no second guessing, you have either made it or not. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make another decision, perhaps a decision to abandon the first decision.
The point is that once you have made a decision you don’t need to spend any more time on it. It requires no more expenditure of energy. It no longer has your attention. A decision made is on its way. Metaphysically, once a decision is set free, through total commitment to it, then consciousness acts to bring together all of the seeming coincidences that cause the appearance of accidents that conspire to bring something into manifestation. In previous millennium this phenomena has been known as magick by the initiated and miracles by the uninitiated.
Determination sets in, and nothing seems to stand in your way. Yet, there can still be major blocks to determination, and you need something more.
Calvin Coolidge said this in 1919, “In these depressed times when new projects are hard to find, earlier projections appear unachievable, clients are impossible to please, the following philosophy may inspire you to continue. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded Genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”
In order to persist you still need the courage to continue against the odds, in spite of the circumstances. Courage is when you have made the commitment to do whatever it takes to get there, no excuses. Courage comes from the root word coeur meaning heart. It is said that the path of the warrier is the “Path with Heart”; courage comes with vulnerability, when you act knowing the dangers you might encounter.
To develop courage most people have to learn how to believe in themselves. You have to change how you think of yourself. What someone else has already done, you can too. Whatever you want is only a set of actions away from you. You have to understand that everyone has the resources they need to achieve their outcomes. You already have the resources you need, but they may be unconscious. You need to make your resources conscious and organise them in an appropriate strategy.
What beliefs do you hold about yourself that are stopping you taking the appropriate actions in those contexts that will get you what you want; with the sort of person you want that to happen with. Our own limiting beliefs about ourselves are the factors that inhibit our success, in whatever pursuit we undertake. Remember, any behaviour can be replicated as long as you know how, and take action.
There is an old adage that says, “what is the secret of British humour? “The answer is of course, “timing.” It is not so much how much time you apportion to something, but how effectively you use the time you have. Something very important here needs to be understood. This is that as soon as anyone thinks an new idea, that idea exists in consciousness. There are very smart people out there, who have developed the ability to “surf” in consciousness, scanning for concepts and ideas whose time has come.
Those consciousness “surfers” who have the flair for business soon harness the idea and have captured the market. This means that if you perceive of an opportunity to do something, and you know the timing is right, then you have very little spare time to squander thinking about what you will do after your magnificent success. You have to award all the time you have in effort towards the outcome of your project. You have to be the originator on the physical plane too. It isn’t good enough to be the originator on the mental plane (thinking it up), or the emotional plane (desiring to have it), but requires the activator on the physical plane.
In the information revolution, innovation and ingenuity are the most valuable skills anyone can have. These are not innate genetically determine skills, but ones that can be developed. Ingenuity is closely related to ones personal evolutionary values worldview.
To be innovative requires that you can move beyond the status quo, that you don’t develop too high a level of anxiety when you are scorned or put down. To be innovative you have to find the weak spots in the current overview of consciousness. These weak spots are where society is either not placing any attention, or where controversy and different points of view are evident. Where seeding of an idea can sway the mass conscious belief thought-form into adopting a new track.
The innovator forces mass consciousness out of its normal procedural track into a new one. This requires that the majority of people just follow the current popular thoughts, to simply adopt the current default beliefs. A cursory review of history will assure the investigator that such is the case. Thus, using the martial art principle, an energy in motion can be diverted with very little effort. This means understanding that resistance is useless, that flexibility and accurate action assures success.
Do you have to have ambition to succeed. The root of the word reduces to the concept of a strong desire for fame. A project doesn’t need anyone seeking for fame, often the success of a project is more important than the recognition for it.
Adding the Spirit
Whatever one does on this plane of existence has consequences on every other plane. How you act in the moment will determine whether you have regrets or anxiety on the mental plane, feel guilt or panic on the emotional, or commit to rebirth from the spiritual.
We could say that the purpose of adopting physical form is to learn the skills of creation in an environment where you can do little damage. Where there is a time-lag between conceptualising and manifesting. Time to change your mind, having considered the consequences before having the life lessons attached.