universe_of_consciousnessConsciousness exists – it has a space – a Universe.  Any creation stays manifest in consciousness through the flood of attention given to it by the belief,  “This exists”.    In order to change any existing reality,  it is necessary to interrupt this flood of attention.    Interrupting the flood of attention has a secondary benefit,  it re-energises the being by removing a drain on their energy body.   So how does one interrupt the flood of attention?
The first step always is to become Aware.  Aware of what the attention is placed upon,  and remove any emotional attachment to the thing created being “Real”.   Do this by recognising the reality “I believe this to be real, the only evidence I have for it being real is my experience of it being real.  What I believe to be real is exactly that,  What I Believe Is ‘Real’,  and it is real because I believe it to be that way”.  The purpose of this conundrum is to bring recognition in consciousness that you have a double bind from which there is no escape.  You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

      1. First imagine what you would prefer to experience.
        • What would you have to put into place to be able to experience that?
        • What limitations in yourself would you have to overcome to put that into place?
        • What state of preparedness would you have put yourself into in order to overcome those natural or habitual limitations?
      2. Now consider what you are experiencing and realise that the belief is that what I am experiencing is True and Real.
        • Now begin to experience that creation, fit into the way it is without any judgement that it should or shouldn’t be this way,  and don’t attempt to change it.  Just remember What is, is.
        • Begin to increase the level of the experience. –  Quickly or slowly increase to intensity of  the feeling until you can become ecstatic (that is ,  it reaches a peak) about it – even if it is something you would normally call “pain”.
        • Allow yourself to fully experience that feeling.  In fact revel in it.   You may find yourself exploring dimensions of the experience or associated thoughts, or even quite unexpected memories or images.   Accept anything that occurs and stay with the experience.
        • Keep breathing, and intensifying the feeling.  Eventually you will arrive at a feeling of emptiness,  actually you will have crossed the threshold and blown out the feeling.
      3. Perceive that all these feelings are outside of yourself, as something you used to have.
        • As soon as this occurs place the feelings into a bubble with the label “Another Me, Another Place, Another Time”.
        • Realise that there is energy contained in that bubble that belongs to you, it is your creating energy.
        • As you cease to feed those old ideas, feel yourself becoming re-energised.
        • Notice that the light inside the bubble is becoming less,  the colours are washing out becoming more pastel, wishy-washy, and the bubble is getting smaller or more distant.
        • Watch until the bubble is completely de-energised and collapses into a vast void, a black hole of darkness.
      4. Now in your mind float out of your body and float above yourself.
        • Look down at yourself and notice the numinescence, the lightness that seems to be glowing from you, the Source-Force flowing out from you.
        • See it penetrating the space around you and going out to influence the nature of creation around you.
        • Bringing you into alignment with the natural flow of peace and abundance.
        • Listen to the internal guidance that leads you back to creating that which is alignment with Source.
      5. creating realityNext imagine yourself experiencing what you prefer.  Notice that at this moment you no longer have any limitations.
        • Begin to increase the intensity of that new feeling until it just reaches the ecstatic level.
        • To fix attention on this creation it is necessary to recognise that  “I believe this to be real.  The only evidence I have for it being real is my experience of it being real.
        • What I believe to be real is exactly that,  What I Believe Is ‘Real’,  and it is Real because I believe it to be that way”.
        • Continue increasing the intensity until the preferred reality is ‘Real’.