Beyond and behind all products is the idea of “happiness”.  Yet true happiness happens after the basics of life are provided, that is the survival needs of food, shelter, warmth and latterly sex.  Once these are fulfilled the next level of importance adds security and order, followed by the need for self-expression known as creativity.  Yet the provision of all of these does not lead to happiness, although there might be a level and sense of contentedness. Happiness requires a doorway, and that doorway is through a sense of belonging, being part of a larger group of acceptance.

This sense of belonging is combined with the need for love, and that love is not intimate love but a love that creates a space in which self-expression is allowed to develop and through that acceptance self-esteem develops.  Self-esteem can only arise through personal honesty, when someone is given the space and place to be all-of-who-they-are.  This esteem is notably self-respect due to the ability to express oneself fully without adjusting that for consumption by a dominant group.

Reality is the experience of consciousness dividing itself into separate fields and associating with such separations.  The experience will be determined by two interacting scales of assessment. The first is a scale of desirability from completely wanted to completely unwanted.  This scale is not the dominant one however, because the second interacting scale is a measure of intensity.  A division may be completely undesirable yet have no level of intensity.  Without the intensity the separation has little or no attention and so requires no energy.