I woke with a dream this morning. I dreamed that a young girl told me she’d had a dream about the “Lord of the Rings” film and could I explain her dream to her.

The response as I dreamed it was that I mentioned the character Gollum or his real name Sméagol, who is actually a hobbit. He’s the character who Bilbo Baggins originally gets the rings from. He is hiding in a dark cave caught up with protecting his “Precious”, which is really the “One ring that has power over all the others”. In other words he is protecting the one thing that needs no protection at all because it is the most powerful of all possessions. It was however forged by the Dark Lord Sauron and had the property of making the wearer invisible and taking them into the shadow worlds.

I explain to her that this is who we’ve become. That we are trying to hide our own power because we are frightened somebody will steal it, rather than using the very same power to shine our spiritual light onto the world. The result is that we have become deformed bipolar characters living in a very dark cave in the shadows without any connections to the external light world. It is the innocent Bilbo who discovers the nature of this power when he becomes invisible when he puts it on his finger.

He also notices that he instantly becomes paranoid that someone will steal it like the previous owner. He has discovered that power can be used but it has to be respected otherwise it corrupts. The quotation ascribed to Lord Acton is well-known “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

This is why Bilbo takes to wearing the ring on a chain around his neck hidden from those who want to use the power for their own aggrandisement, and uses it only in dire circumstances.

Ring of power
So what has this got to do with us, and specifically me? I have been working on creating a 28-Day Life Challenge programme and I woke up realising that the challenge most people have (and I include myself here) is that we are fearful of our own power. We would sooner turn it over in the secret cave of our own minds, where we tell ourselves how special we are, how powerful we would be so the world had better watch out. Our secret Ring of Power is our own preciousness.

What I discovered is that unless we accept that we have so much power, but we have to tap into it. This is not the unlimited power that corrupts, but it is personal power that we need to keep on a chain close to our chests and use it sparingly in the right conditions. We know we have that power, we are not confused or frightened by it, but we don’t need to display it as a means of frightening others either. We are not aggressive, nor are we defensive or disinterested, we are engaged in the challenge for awareness.

It is as a part of the eternal contract that these messages hidden in works of fiction become known to those who will carry us forward in the New Epoch.  If anyone is interested I will be asking for volunteers to trial, test and improve the 28-Day Challenge soon. You can contact me or keep your eyes open for its release.