BooksFollowing on from my previous posting. For many years friends and clients have commented that I must have read a lot of books, which actually is not true mainly because I am not a fast reader. However, over the years I have been guided to read significant books for my personal unfolding. As it turns out everything integrates together once you have the vision to see that.

For years I have followed the Toltec path waiting to be pushed or pulled towards a teacher all the while resisting Mercredan and how he defined himself as an empty window into the Unknown. After the intenseness of the Tour and my own awakening to the Force I realised that my access wasn’t so much to Mercredan as it was through Mercredan to what is termed the Nagual. The Nagual is more like a position from which to perceive the manifest forms of reality, which in Toltec terms are known as the Tonal.

Inner-LandscapeIt is said that a Seer is one who can penetrate the mystery of perception and register the three distinct fields of awareness; the known, the unknown and the unknowable. The gift of perception is to tranform that which is unknown into the known world; to bring the Nagual to rearrange the landscape of the Tonal. This is such an important concept because our world is exactly as it appears to be because of the arrangement of our perceptions.

Everything that happens in life features in the Tonal landscape, in themselves none of the events are good or bad, only they are out of harmony with the rest of the creation. The organisation and arrangement of the features are the purpose for the experience, and in the end for one’s life at all.

As a result of this insight I have decided to open a sacred school for initiation based on a Toltec party. The school has a clear structure, plan, purpose and method. I do not see myself so much as Nagual but my connection as Mercredan. Students to this new enterprise will have regular access to Mercredan. Initially I will accept only two apprentices. The entrance criteria are based on Intention, Willingness and Commitment. Contact me for details.