This session was quite confusing so Francis has attempted to add some guidepoints along the way(in red). These should not be seen as the definitive interpretation.

heart-field torusM: Good afternoon. Once again it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. I want to begin by referring back to the fields of consciousness because there are so many layers that interact one with another. There overlays of greater and deeper vibrations; there are higher levels of influence that impinge one upon the other. So many people want to know how exactly should they interact with the physical reality, as if they can separate self from the inner worlds that create the influences within the field that represents self. So let us try to begin to put some frameworks around this, because every field of vibration has a deeper impact one upon the other. The finer the vibration, the more sophisticated the influence, and the deeper inset that it is.

Shall we begin with understanding at the boundary of the first [long pause] structure of consciousness… I am putting it that way because, in this frame at least, there is a form in which to build. So let us say, then, the highest form-building structure is spiritual mind, one’s highest thoughts for the well-being of the entirety of one’s environment. And when I suggest environment, I am talking about what you would perceive as your own universe.

So it is to what degree one wants atunement [sic] with the universe and all that inhabit within it. You are not alone in your own universe. This is the paradox that is first encountered, because one is considering the benefits of all in every differentiated perspective, each one then impinging upon the next.

The higher the vibration, the higher the thought form, the more harmonious the field is. The least boundary, the the more protected one finds oneself in it. Do you understand what I mean?

S: Yes.

M: So it is, then, that often within the psychic nature, there is a need to build in protections from elementals that are beyond one’s imaginary control.

S: Could you give me an example of what that might be?

Angels-Demons-balanceM: Let us say then, one holds the idea that there are angelic forms; and in a certain expression, of course, such things exist as soon as one manifests. At the same time, it is extraordinarily difficult to have angelic forms without the counter opposite of the demonic forms that seem to be the reverse, the dark side, as if good and bad always have to balance each other out. Much like one seems to reject the shadow side of one’s own personality, one’s own identity.

Yet of course the shadow side often contains very important qualities. Because while some people are in the shadow field, quite devious, that same quality allows them to perceive often more stringently than others. However that is aside from what we are talking about.

So first of all, the higher mind qualifies what is in the field, coupled of course with what we could call the higher energetics, the higher energy, or what you often perceive as feelings. So one’s higher feelings of containment of others in what you have defined as love — that is a field that protects, surrounds, and engages with those willing to self… into self evolvement.

So often one feels supported by others who have holding one’s own best interests. As if there is, first of all, the form, and then the binding, or shall we call it the magnetic system that implode such forms upon the planetary organization.

[It seems as if M is suggesting that there are “levels” within an individual consciousness of finer frequencies, beginning with a higher mind and higher feeling tone. In the past he reeferred to “pure consciousness” to be beyond thought in ways that could not be described in language.]

karmaThen as one descends further in, there are the thought forms that are beneficial for self, and hold others in esteem. And along with that, also, the magnetic fields that support that idea. And finally, there are those natural ideas that wish to gain advantage at the expense of others and the energetic components that bring that to one’s reality. All of these, of course, overlay one another. And depending upon where one puts one’s energy, where one’s intentions and focus take shape, is which of these patterns take the greatest personal expression.

Often, then, those that have self-importance will bring more to themselves in the physical world, yet leave behind what you would call the tainted nature that eventually must be rebalanced in what you called karmic retribution. Do you understand what I mean? [Is this why nobody escapes karma?]

S: I do.

M: So one is constantly lifting the thoughts towards the highest ideal, filling one’s mind with high ideals for the benefit of all concerned. And filling its nature with the support and the love of All That Is. It is how the Divine energizes its own manifestation.

S: I understand. I have a question. When we talk about that first level, the highest level, how does one internally get a feeling of love, when you can’t manufacture an emotion? But if you want it to be there….

conscious fieldsM: You understand, because the mind … What is the word [long pause] … expresses first of all the fields beneath it. So one begins by considering the best for all concerned, that is a meditative state of awareness. One considers what is in front of one’s self and considers what is the best that could happen in this particular circumstance. What is the best for this particular person, or this particular situation. And often it is counter to simply being nice to everybody. The Divine is not interested in nice! The Divine is interested in evolution, in bringing every individual to a higher state of being. So it is not so much what you do, but who you are.

So often what occurs is, in the moment you want to do what is your habit, what is habitually how you respond to the environment or situations, and sometimes that is not in the best interest of all concerned. So sometimes one has to stand for the principle, stand against the tide, to make one’s self unpopular. The right thing, of course is… And when one holds to that, when one has truly identified with the Divine and realizes the power, then one could say one is living inside of the field of love.

S: Okay.

M: So love is not, as we have said, namby pamby at all! Love is a certain willingness to stand for what is right to stand for. And it is, as I often refer, because you have so much wisdom in your Book of Instruction, then the Great Master says to his followers, “Cast out the stones if you are without your own guilt.” He is saying, “ Even I would not deign myself so clear that I could cast an affront on someone else.” So you can see here that the right thing is often to stand for the principle, to stand against the tide, to stand outside of the average. And in that one finds one’s power and one’s connection to the Divine.

S: Okay. How does one know what is in the best interest of someone else? When I hear that, inside myself I think that might feel like I’m too controlling.

M: I did not say “in the best interest of anyone else,” but I said “in the best interest of all concerned,” and that includes self! Because often one wants to separate self from others, as if one is not involved. And yet the point is that if you are doing what is truly right for self, it must be right for all.

S: I understand.

M: Do you understand what I am meaning, because then one can see it from one’s own position, truthfully of course, not following the habits that you have developed over so many years, so many experiences, so much protection, so many fears. [M so often brings us to the point of paradox and explains how that resolves. These distinctions are quite challenging at the time.]

S: Okay.

M: Then one begins to see one’s fears from a different perspective. Shall we say that so often one fears and the fear, while it protects the self, does nothing to help evolution.

S: Is there one fear in particular that I have that you are thinking about?

M: [very long pause] That is a little difficult because there are a number of ways in which you pull back from involving yourself in the evolutionary movement that has begun to take shape. However, it is only a beginning start, and there is a great willingness that has begun as you feel more able to understand and to take stock of life. Does that make sense?

S: I think so. It’s hard for me to know what those fears are. I mean, I know what my lifestyle is like, but I can’t identify specific fears, other than the one of the medical field and needles…

M: Do you understand there is the fear of…. “authority” is not the right word. It is not the authority, but it is often what you would perceive as the authorities. That is the bureaucracy of your nation, the wishing to shift the focus so that it alters the expectations of all citizens. The benefit is, as new orders and laws are put into place, is it for the benefit of all or is it such a protection for the few? So there is a fear that such will interfere with one’s way of living.

S: Hmmm. Okay. Hmmm. I’m not sure I understand exactly what you’re referring to but I will ponder it. I would like to know more about it. I know I don’t like the sense of having somebody else control what I can do or what I can say, but I’m not sure that’s what you’re talking about. [As I transcribe this, I remembered my greatest fear is not having control over my own death; having some stupid law say I can’t take a pill if I am in torment and terminal, or having to move to Oregon to get it done like Brittany Maynard did.]

M: Of course. Because underneath all of that is the fear that you are but a stone’s throw away from a state of control where there is no freedom at all. Your own country that has suggested itself as the protector of freedoms has no freedom at all! Because it holds so much fear around the rest of the planet that you share yourself with. So much, then, has built from such fears and spread it so widely, and yet internally only a very few people are fearless and work to hold open the very foundation of the nation. Of course, that is beginning to shift as more and more demands are made on everybody.

[I think he is referring to the US as a whole, that has set itself up as the Empire in order to control everybody else, simply because it is internally out of control. The fears of the unit are bourne by the individuals that comprise it.]

S: Right. Our nation, the United States, is in deep, deep trouble, and it’s interesting to hear you talk about this, because I don’t like what’s happened to it, and I do want to disassociate myself from it, and yet I’m part of it; it’s part of that paradox, but I don’t personally like those values, either!

M: The question that is so difficult for the spiritual community is that it has distanced itself from the politics of planetary life. In other words, the spiritual world cannot distance from what is right. And eventually the politics of spirituality must become more prevalent. Not politics, of course, the church, but the politics of what the church holds dear to itself. A new review of the very foundations of what your religious structures are founded upon. There is no difference between the spiritual ideal and the ideal that the church, in whatever form it takes, holds dear.

S: I agree.

M: And yet the very foundation of your churches, in every system, is forever looking to find something to disagree with in every other faith. And that, of course, is what is keeping the life, the very fearful foundation, of your old experience.

S: Right. But isn’t that all changing?

M: Of course it is changing. Of course, as more people begin to access the higher frameworks, of course they begin to understand there is no disparity between what is faith and what is simply, shall we call it, the documentation.

S: Yes. I understand. I’m still not certain… I still don’t understand in terms of my own fear that’s maybe keeping my vibration at lower level or keeping me from evolving…

M: One does not want to put attention on the fear, but put the intention on those higher thoughts what is best for the environment, including everyone and everything. There is plenty for everyone, but until that is brought into balance, the foundations of your species are at risk, even as I point out the species is evolving. There is a change that fundamentally is what you would call an upgraded significance. The new species can access the higher potentials and begin to bring it more into… to impose a certain magnetic force that indeed operates to draw in those with a degree of faith that they propose. The very magnetics of such thoughts draw those inclined to a higher spiritual state of being, and in doing so they indeed open up potentials within self, including the rewiring of your nervous system.

S: Okay. And that is happening physically with children that are born after the shift, but not to the rest of us?

M: Let us say that those that come in after the shift are completely different in their neurology as such. And yet everyone else can be upgraded, or rebuilt as it were, by creating new networks, new neurology, and that is happening even as we speak. [M has said that as we enter what he calls the new Epoch the chidren being born are of a different species with a new neurology system connecting the neural networks of the heart to the cortex. He mentioned that like a computer OS we can get upgrades these will never be as clear or precise as a new design. ]

S: Okay.

M: You understand, because the more you put your attention on what you are doing, the more you are able to perceive of it. Sometimes you are confused, not able to understand, and then after a few points of sleeping, one suddenly finds a new state of enlightenment, and that is as the new neural-networks begin to connect and activate.

S: Okay. And so even people like me and our dear friend, our networks can be upgraded during our lifetimes?

M: That is happening all the time.

S: I love that!

M: And some people, it is happening even against their interest, and suddenly… It is not activated until there is a critical access point. So there are some that would seem to be backward, as it were, and suddenly they are awakened and projected further than anyone thought.[Many of us have seen people suddenly get a boost in awareness that seems unfair as they are given skills that we have worked for years to attain.]

I want to also put in a perspective because there are those in your world… Because the human race has put so much emphasis on intelligence, on intellect and understanding of certain facts, that you find there are those who one deems to be “unworthy,” they are often what are called intellectually handicapped. And the rest of humanity is uncomfortable in their general proximity. And yet these people, much like when someone is blind then they tend to increase the sensitivity of their hearing, so when one is intellectually removed, then the emotional field often, and in almost every case, becomes exaggerated. So these people have the experience of one’s emotional realm at a higher power rating, shall we say. It still does not mean that they can always control it, but some of them indeed have such a capacity that you will find it such a relief to learn from them.

S: Yes. Okay. That’s great. I have a question for you. When you were talking about frequencies and vibrations, and the higher the vibration the more impact, the more reverberation maybe… There are people here who advise practising saying certain chords or certain ways to literally increase one’s frequency, and I wanted to know if that was helpful.

M: There are certain qualities that help one attune to those higher forms. Sometimes it is certain movements, certain sounds, and so on, attune one to a better state. But it is not a certain principle. One still has to adjust one’s focus to such. They are supported, of course.

S: Okay. Thank you.

M: Is that enough for today? Because there is a lot of information in here, and I want to suggest that you begin to put it into different categories so that it is possible to expand upon these topics.

S: Yeah, I think that’s good, too. I’ve been wondering myself how to go back through all the transcripts and put my arms around them, integrate the information, make it useful, apply it to myself.

M: And that is the point. If there are just words, it is just words. However, it you put it into practice, you begin to energize and make the schematics… I want to emphasize that word, because it is not a scheming, but it is a scheme that is planned out. One is taking little steps but they are consistently building one upon the next.

S: Okay. Thank you so much. Can I ask one last question on a different subject? As you know, our friends are gathering here soon and our dear friend is planning to do a session where he channels Mercredan. Is there anything I can do to help people in this community to hear about it, respond to it and attend?

M: When one begins to speak about your own personal experience to friends and those that you meet, of course the words spreads very fast. I want to also suggest that there are specifically interesting topics that you might suggest that might be interesting to your local community. So you understand, in most places when we speak to the local people, we want to address their concerns, want to help them to ascend a single step in the right direction, to raise their own potentials, to be able to bring out what is the best they have to offer, every one, individually, and as a collective. Because the world is dependent on its creators.

S: Okay. Are there any topics you think would be important to our community here? I’m unaware sometimes…

M: It is always unwise for us to predict what any particular group is ready for. Only that they come with their questions, and that directs the unfolding. And maybe it would require some simple drawing from a hat or something so that everybody gets a fair chance.

S: That’s a great idea. Thank you Mercredan.

M: Then thank you for your time, and we will talk again.

S: We will. Thank you so much.