M: Good afternoon. Once again, it is my privilege and pleasure to come and spend these few moments of your time. I want to begin to put another string around what we have discussed, because so often it looks as if reality is one way, and yet words do not quite describe how everything fits together. We talked as if there are layers of vibration; that there is a hierarchy of planes of existence that somehow fall down from one degree to the next. And yet that is hardly how it occurs at all. One might say that there are finer and finer fabrics. That there are coarsely woven ones, much like your canvas, and finer ones like your linen, and finer again as if it is like cottons, and finer again as if it is like silk. Do you understand the analogy here?

S: I do.

M: And each one interfaces with the next, so the finest fabric impinges upon every level, and the coarser it gets, the less impressions it causes, and so on, into the physical materialized forms.

S: The “physical materialized forms” being the coarsest of all?

M: Of course. The solid structure where atoms and molecules begin to stick together to form what seems to be a solid system. So while it appears in that regard, of course, it is only perceived in that way through the physical senses. As soon as one shifts beyond the physical nature, one discovers new realms. No one has yet managed to measure an emotion, yet emotions are quite obvious to everybody. No one has yet managed to capture a thought, even in its most solid forms in terms of vibrations and electro-chemicals. Of course, the most subtle the equipment, the greater one begins to understand such things exist. But what information do they carry? So you can measure where something has been. You can measure the carrier, but not what it is carrying. That opens up a grand conversation.

S: You were speaking with our dear friend in Australia asking her to picture spirals within a spiral; were you saying something similar about the coarseness of the fabric?
Spiral FractalM: Of course, the point of the cyclic nature of reality, everything is evolving; yet seemingly it is always in return, as if all the cycles of experience, even if one is not progressing very much, the events of the past that are not completed certainly reappear in one’s life. Not exactly the same, of course. And the degree of progression, the amount of movement forward, is the spiral within the spiral within the spiral of time and space as it is. And also the implications of how that interacts with the natures of those with whom you share the composite.

S: I’m not sure what you mean by that.

M: Let us refer back to our analogy of the writer’s cooperative. Then you are sitting within your group exploring and explaining and sharing one’s latest chapters. So as it is, as one person talks about their creation, it impinges on those who are listening. So they often take on what is said, and new insights appear. Not just in that direction. You understand how often it is when somebody is truly listening to you, that you suddenly have new thoughts about what you are speaking about. As if the very listening gives a different perspective, as if you can both speak and hear one’s own versions. The implication, then, is the degree that one is present. So if you are in a particular situation, where you are being for the very first time truly heard, then the person listening has to be entirely present. And in being present, you start to fall in yourself into the feeling that you are truly present. So that is the point of presence. And how powerful it is, as it brings new insights, new leverage to your life.

S: Okay. That’s wonderful. I’m having the sense, when I hear you speak of the author’s group, I envision this team of Francis and Annabelle and Susan somehow working together to experiment with sound and music to write a symphony.

M: That is the point! Not just to exclude others, because others will begin to join. The greater the degree of unity, the greater the magnetic force. That is why people who dedicate to a cause bring in those that are ready to belong, that have an extra gift to bring. This is not exclusion, because there is nothing stopping anybody from tapping into the universal system (position?). And one might simply say that the new sequence, the new epoch, arrived only because enough people began to recognize an inner unity, an inner voice, and truly the voice of the silence. I use that term because over many years, in fact centuries of time, this universal naming is best recognizing the truth. Then the voice of the silence is the voice that you give to the silence, that we give to the silence, to the endless potentials that are possible. As this opens up the doorways to higher thoughts and spiritual evolution, it also opens the door to the other extremes. So the epoch, as it opens up, separates those who wished to accumulate, and those that wish to evolve. So it is, then, that it is time, as the beginning of the epoch brings together what are magnetic nodes that accumulate energy towards a different life purpose.

S: So even though when it seems like things in the old world still seem to be as strong as they ever were, and gaining more speed and becoming more destructive [thinking at the moment of the most recent mass racial shootings in South Carolina], what you’re saying is that there’s hope, or the promise, that it’s equally as strong, and in fact even stronger on the other side.

M: That is the truth. Even in your present moment, the very nature of the destruction and devastation of old thinking begins to impact on your society as a whole. Then even the very nature of disparity when one race is against another, even that is beginning to realize that it is destructive. The old patterns, the old ideas are often brought to a head by those that wish to bring it to its knees. Destruction often causes its paradoxical opposite! And that is a most important lesson.

Pope FrancisS: Is there anything significant about the timing of the Pope’s release of his letter to the world on climate change and the extreme danger our mother earth is in as it fits in with this change in our epoch?

M: Even the very foundation of your fundamental church has changed. So you understand there is a true saint among you. Often they are not recognized, but this one truly is the saint of the people, because he is no longer willing to put the church’s benefit before the people that it serves. So this one brings the church back to its roots. This one is a saint because he is in touch with the foundational God that founded it.

S: Okay. That’s what I thought. And the response that we’ve heard by what I consider the old paradigm, particularly the wealthy United States Republicans in Congress who claim that it’s all hogwash, and the Pope should stick to morality… It’s just a greater separation of the two?

M: Because the saint has reduced the accumulation of wealth in such a form as one of the evil forces! So this saint understands that his life is at risk. It has always been at risk. And yet he continues on with the sense that no matter what, the sacrifice of his life will indeed bring the church to its principles, finally, and in doing so will restructure so many nations on the planet.

S: Great!

M: He has put his life on the line and sacrifice, because as a saint, that is what they do. So over many years the church has called many as saints, yet few have truly sacrificed their life for the truth, whatever [they think] that is.

Pope-IslamS: I understand. And the thing that’s so wonderful, it seems to me, is his impact is having a wider sphere of influence than “just the catholics” whom he’s supposed to represent.
M: Because this saint represents the church as a whole! This saint even goes beyond the walls of your own faith into the realms of the others, because what is truth will find support with all who believe in the truth. So there is no need for walls against different religions, only against fundamental ideology that pits one group against another.

S: Exactly! The whole separation thing just seems to be the undoing.

M: Of course. Because all things are unity. Every great speaker has pointed that out, whether that is religious, philosophical, psychological, and scientific. There is no dispute that all things arise from unity and what we have called the ever-expanding singularity returning to feast upon itself.

S: Wow.

M: And so it is irrelevant how one lives and dies, but the sacrifice of one’s life for truth, in the end, is the progression that everybody is looking forward to. So you hold onto the material plane. Of course, in doing so you are caught up in the physical and material plane, and in doing so it impedes your own development. That is the message of all religions over all time. And even whole groups that are caught up must eventually meet the truth. Destiny, of course, is what you meet. And in doing so, the very nature of one’s life in the end has to be counted.

Alchemical Wedding by Emily BalivetS: I understand. In several sessions, you’ve told me a lot about my own balancing and rebalancing over many lifetimes between the masculine and the feminine, and that I am here on Kauai now for a time of completion, of settling down, of integration…
M: That is the point, isn’t it? To really bring together all the ideas and the separation that it causes. So often, in human material for embodiment, one considers what one’s gender is as separate from the opposite. One then tries to express the nature of the opposite, as if it is indeed your own, as if you can somehow integrate yourself within your own gender, and exclude the opposite gender. Rather than being quite contented with one’s own gender, and integrating the opposite by value, by seeing the opposite as part of the whole completion. That one finds one’s unity by acceptance of the opposite, and feeling its resonance inside yourself. Very different from trying to emulate the opposite. Does that make sense?

S: Yes, it does. It does.

M: So when you are close to the opposite, you begin to perceive the different energy that it emanates, and in doing so feel its beauty, not with envy, not with hatred, not with resistance or exclusion, but by valuing it for what it is. And that is why it is important that one does not remove oneself from the environment, from the community.

S: I understand. I’ve been invited, in fact kind of forced, to go to a dinner in a couple of nights that I normally would not have gone to. And just the fact that I’m going and that I’m allowing myself to be open to whatever materializes that night…

M: Let us say this. If you are going to go, go and have some fun! What do you fear you will lose? What will happen that is going to take anything from you? And then think, “What can I take with me that will enhance everybody in this group?” Then you take your enthusiasm; and it is not that everybody has to accept it, but it is a test of whether you can sense your enthusiasm, even if others do not like it. Do you understand what I mean? It is like being enthusiastic even in the face of it all. That is what your pope is doing! This is how a saint operates. This is how one elevates one’s nature. Positive, enthusiastic, light-hearted and funny in the face of everything!

S: Okay; that’s great.

M: So I am going to suggest, get dressed up, be as flamboyant as you can! Be the person you want to be, that you are inside, without the reservation, that is the reserve in case something untoward happens and you can wrap yourself in your cloaks of fears. The cloak of protection is simply a cloak of fear.

S: You’ve said that before, and I know that you’re not going to tell me, quote, the answer, but I sure can’t figure out what the fear is. I’m going to keep being receptive…

M: Then watch yourself at your dinner! Watch when you hold yourself in reserve. Then you will be able to see what it is that holds you in check. And if you understand what happens sometimes is, you feel it coming, and then you go beyond. That is a signal one has stepped beyond the boundaries. One is then living in the light of the day.

S: Hmmm.

M: That is what that statement refers to.
“Living in the light” is truly living as one wants to be remembered.

S: Okay! That’s great. That will help, just on a practical level, because I can’t figure it out, I can’t think it to death!

M: Of course, when one is safe, that is in one’s own environment with one’s own possessions around you and one’s own friends and so on, that is not an unsafe place, so where will the fears arise? Only when one is out of one’s usual environment.

S: Okay. Well, I guess whatever fear is there, I sure need to figure it out.

M: Let us promote that the old patterns are truly dismissed.

S: All right! That’s good. [long pause]

M: So where will our conversation take us next?

S: I would like to know a lot more about how to be in silence and be in touch with that small, still voice within, that’s my truth. How do I hear that more?

M: Let us say this. [very long pause] Most often, the answers to questions lie in the law of paradox and polarity. So let us take this as a practical example. One wants to get in touch on the inside, so one begins by getting in touch with the outside. So this is why we have said, look at the universe that you live in. Look at the trees and the plants, one at a time. Be in touch with them. Throw out your self, and listen to their voice. Listen to what this tree is proclaiming, not what you think in terms of what it wants or anything else, but what it IS.

Then you begin to identify with it, and realize this tree is a special being. It is an expression of the nature of what we can call “treedom.” The whole nature of the rest of creation is mostly built up in terms of a unified field, rather than individuality. So when one touches the very nature of treedom, what you discover is it is made up of a universe of identities— of fibres and sugars and boundary layers and activity and movement and systems and structures and fibres — and all of it wrapped in its boundary layer of the bark that carries it down deep into the ground.

And when you identify, you can feel your roots deep in. You are no longer worrying about self, but you are identified with its leaves and its branch (?) and its identity over time, its willingness to be buffeted, to fulfill its purpose. Do you understand, its solid nature and its lack of consideration of whether it will live for a thousand years or not. It doesn’t have those, and in doing so, by identifying with your world, you begin to put aside the process of figuring out everything. Does that make sense?
S: It does.

M: Because you are not who you think you are. You are your entire universe, and until you… My dear friend sent you an image of a singularity expanding to its universe and returning to its source. And so it is, until you can truly gather the sensitivity of your universe, how can you carry it back to the source? How can the next wave proceed forward? This picture is so important, because it is in the consciousness of the singularity. It is what you send out into the universe, whether it is conscious or it is conditioned. Whether you are authentic, or whether you are living through your layers upon layers upon layers of ideas and ideologies. And that is the point, how beliefs infiltrate and cause the reality to express itself.

S: I understand. It’s very frustrating because it feels like you’re underwater in a pool and swimming to the surface to try to get through all of those layers, but you just can’t ever break the surface of the water.

M: If you begin to be enjoying the swim, if you are enjoying the water, and time ceases, then there is nothing to break through! And suddenly you become the entire pond. Then you are the surface and the swimmer and the pond and the fish in it as well, and everything, even the container that it is in. Do you understand what I mean?

S: I hear what you’re saying there, but that seems to conflict with the idea that we have all of these layers of untruths and conditioning and ideas that we have been taught, or that we’ve created, that are messing it all up, and not letting us get through, and yet you’re saying…

M: You can try to eliminate the old ideas, or you can focus in on the truth. The old ideas are only there because you keep feeding them with your energy. The singularity keeps putting out the conditioning because you have not found the singularity — the unity of the smallest and the greatest.

S: Okay.

M: Even science in its highest form is beginning to understand this principle. And so it is when you are at the centre, when you are at the source of it, then you are also at the edge, the boundary layer that separates the known from the unknown. It is at that point that knowledge of what you want comes in to be.

S: Okay. Wow. That’s wonderful, Mercredan, thank you so much. I’m sort of picturing myself now as a bubble in the water — not struggling against it or trying to swim, but at least understanding the concept of becoming one with it.

M: Of course. And then one is not causing a path that has an end point that you are trying to arrive at. You will never be separate from! Often the church wanted everyone to think that what is called “the Christ” was a person! But the Christ is a particular location in which is truly the singularity, the beginning of the expression. That is why, in reality, the cross that it represents is three-dimensional, not the two-dimensional that you constantly manufacture. It simply says that there is one arm longer than the other. That is, the physical has a bigger distance to get to the source before it expresses itself in all directions, in all spaces. And the idea that you are separate, that there is a goal, is not true. Because one has always been attached to that point. There is no separation from the unity excepting the barriers of beliefs that you put in your way to it.

S: Why do we make it so difficult for ourselves?

M: Hmm. Every being has, in the descent into matter over many lifetimes, created lessons that they wish to [pause] solve. Not simply for self, but for the whole. So then you make up these tests that you put yourself through.

S: Okay. That makes sense.

M: One should not consider a test the end point. It isn’t a pass or a fail as such, but whether one has gained the benefits.

S: Right. Because the process never ends.

M: Of course. Even as one begins to finally integrate it all, the lessons never end.

S: That’s amazing. Okay.

M: Is that enough for today?