doorway_to_consciousnessFor most people it takes a crisis to force them to make the changes they have known about. This is usually physical health or relationship crisis, and may be life and death. In every case it is caused through misalignment between purpose and behaviour.

If you had the knowledge, tools and techniques at your finger tips you would alter your experience and set your direction. You would determine your direction, behaviours, and where you spent your fixed resources of time and energy.

Metaphysics is the study of the underlying forces that determine the fundamental nature of existence. Metaphysical Coaching goes beyond traditional therapies, counselling and coaching into the elements that drive the behaviours that control body, mind and conscious experience. It allows you to decide your identity, who you are and what is fulfilling. At this level you decide what you have in your life; Success, happiness, love and completeness.

If you had all the right knowledge, tools and techniques at your disposal, how would you shape and control your reality? How would you change your life? Where would you go, what would you do, and what kind of people would you have in your life?

Metaphysical Life Coaching goes beyond traditional life coaching in that it addresses and aligns the body, mind and spiritual aspects of who we are in order to achieve a much deeper sense of fulfilment, happiness, love and connection in our lives.

What is Metaphysical Life Coaching & how does it work?

Metaphysics is the branch of science and philosophy concerned with the fundamental nature of being and existence; the laws of nature that reside beyond the physical laws of nature. Laws such as the Law of Polarity, the Law of Paradox and the Law of Magneticism (the Law of Attractions).

Metaphysics is a science that extends beyond the normal range of physics, that for some is speculative, yet it answers many questions that even quantum physics, as yet cannot. We know that the cosmos is not made up of galaxies and star systems and empty space. In fact we know that the major part of universal mass is made up of what is known as dark matter and dark energy. 

This might seem to be a new revelation but metaphysics has called this aether for centuries, and describes it in much the same way. Like astrophysics it says that it is within the aether that all things precipitate or cause to become. This precipitation is the creative force and is caused by an underlying Intelligence. Science is only vaguely becoming aware that there has to be such an intelligence, an intelligent universe.

We know that there is an complex arrangement of information that explains and manages the factors that are seen in the organisation of the cosmos. The fact we know this is due to having to balance the mathematics of gravity and atomic forces. It seems probable that these forces are a unified holographic field that connects everything and draws the physical universe into manifestation.It is intimately related to quantum science and the knowledge and insights from both fields can be utilised to help us move forward in our lives.

Metaphysical Life Coaching draws upon these key areas of theory: – The basic building blocks of life – atoms – are comprised of 99.999% empty space. For a long time this was thought to be simply a vacuum of nothingness. However, new science tells us that in fact this space is filled with information and energy.

– This information and energy is one unified field and this field connects or holds everything together.

– Being interconnected, everything in the field exerts an influence on everything else – this means that directly or indirectly we actually exert an influence on everything around us. So as we interact with this field we are transmitting and receiving energy in a constant feedback loop.

– Quantum science tells us that in this unified field there are an infinite number of parallel universes simultaneously existing in the space that we inhabit. These parallel universes could also be viewed as alternate realities all taking place at the same time, existing as potentials waiting to be activated or revealed. Another idea of quantum science is that the observer affects the observed. When we apply this to the parallel universe theory, we can posit that parallel universes or versions of reality become activated as we tune in and place energy and attention upon them.

Taking these ideas and theories into Metaphysical Life Coaching we can begin to see that whether we are aware or not, we are playing an enormous role in creating our own reality and experience. Our focus in Metaphysical Life Coaching is to harness this knowledge to foster self-empowerment and create the experience we desire. In more detail these are the critical 3 ways in which we are creating our experience:

  1. Internal creation: For the most part we tend to think that our emotional experience is created by outside events – something happens and emotions are triggered. This is true to a certain extent, however, it is only a small part of a bigger picture. The majority of our emotional experience unfolds in front of us moment by moment as a result of our behaviours and words. So the actions we take and the words we use directly affect the emotions we feel, and the emotions we feel play an enormous role in our life experience and the ongoing decisions we make.If that weren’t significant enough, the feelings and emotions we experience also play a large role in how we define ourselves. When we open ourselves up to the idea we have an enormous effect on how we feel we can begin to expand and change some of the limiting definitions of ourselves that do not serve us.
  2. External Creation: Our feelings, emotions and thoughts are electromagnetic and create fields that radiate out into the unified field. Therefore, as transmitters of energy we are continually exerting a vibrational influence on the unified field. By its nature the field will respond by reflecting back and matching the energy that is transmitted.In practical terms, if we are radiating energy of fear the unified field will reflect back situations that provoke fear.
  3. Perception Creation: There is a saying, ‘energy flows where attention goes’, which essentially means that we energetically ‘feed’ everything we place our attention upon. The way we chose to see something affects not only our experience of what we are perceiving but as quantum science tells us, the observer affects the observed, so we literally influence things by the way we chose to see them.Metaphysical Life Coaching utilises this knowledge and compromises the tools and techniques that can help us activate and tune into a version of reality that best serves us.

The Aims of Metaphysical Life Coaching:-  Metaphysical Life Coaching harnesses this leading edge knowledge and thinking to offer a framework for creating your life in a way that best serves you. We will help you:

  • – Attain a deeper understanding and connection with yourself
  • – Expand your sense of self and release old ideas and patterns that no longer serve you
  • – Find and fulfill your true passions and purposes
  • – Find peace of mind and balance in your life
  • – Feel more connected, confident, positive and optimistic
  • – Experience full empowerment to take control of your life and your future and achieve your dreams and desires

You will achieve these aims by reconnecting with the innate wisdom within you, the life force that runs through you and the authentic core aspect of yourself. Metaphysical Life Coaching is about opening up and experiencing a new expanded version of you – letting go of old ideas of identity that are holding you back, and removing the barriers and layers of conditioning that have prevented you from being the full expression of yourself. With a focus on developing heightened awareness and expanded consciousness, Metaphysical Life Coaching aligns body, mind, and spirit empowering you to identify and actualize your passions and purposes.

Why Choose Metaphysical Life Coaching?
We are living in uncertain and fast changing times and this is having an enormous impact on all of us. Many people are finding they are unhappy, dissatisfied and even disillusioned with themselves or their lives, struggling to know who they really are.

As a culture we seem to have lost the connection with ourselves on almost every level – physically, emotionally and spiritually. We seek to alleviate our discomfort through material gain, trying to convince ourselves that when we’ve gotten a certain amount of money, the right job, the right car, the right clothes or body weight that we’ll be happy. Sadly for most people this leaves them either feeling somewhat hollow or continually seeking the next fix, and these fixes are always something external, something that we think we fill the gap.

Whether in relationships, our professional or personal lives, having a deeper connection with yourself and having the tools to create your life in a way that best serves you offers the path to greater happiness and deeper fulfillment.

It is so easy for us to get trapped in the treadmill of life doing the same things over and over again thinking this is who we are. Metaphysical Life Coaching works from the premise that you are much more than you currently think. We will look at your patterns, beliefs, conditioning and the parts of you that are not in alignment with who you are at your core.

Going beyond the confines of the mind and ego, this approach connects and aligns body, mind, spirit into a greater sense of wholeness.

What do I do next?
I invite you to take the first step in discovering and maximizing your potential and take your relationship with yourself to a new level of fulfillment.

There are 2 ways for moving forward with Metaphysical Life Coaching, either one-to-one or as part of a Metaphysical Coaching Group. If you would like to pursue the one-to-one route we can work in person, by phone or Skype.

First step is to fill in the form with a detailed description of your life journey up to the present, including any challenges you have faced and whether you have overcome them or not. This in a description of the present state of affairs. Then make a note of what your current preferred goals are and the timeframe you think reasonable to achieve them.

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