In the classical sense “metaphysics” is a branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of reality. “Meta” meaning “beyond”, “”at a higher logical level”. In other words metaphysical is the understanding of the laws that govern the physical laws that govern the physical realm. Three such laws are: the Law of Polarity; the Law of Paradox; the Law of Magnetism (Law of Attraction).

Since the beginning of “Scientism”, metaphysics has fallen into disrepute until recently. EQuilibrium Human Development and Francis Evans designed and deliver a number of specialist courses that fall under the general category of metaphysics, and more specifically gaining metaphysical advantage.

Metaphysical advantage is achieved by being ahead of the game, of understanding the rules that operate in consciousness, and setting your outcomes with reference to these rules. Metaphysical advantage makes use of the laws of reality that appear to be unpredictable, uncontrollable, incomprehensible, abrupt and illogical, but in truth obey the nature of paradox. Understanding metaphysical advantage leads to that quantum leap, where sudden illumination appears and everything drops congruently into place.

There are two types of change:- First order change happens in a system which itself remains unchanged, while second order change actually changes the system as well. It is because of this that second order change is the change of change or meta-change.

A method is the scientific procedure done in order to achieve a predetermined result. A methodology is the plurality of methods applied to the acquiring of knowledge about something. Second order change is brought about by an exploration into a variety of procedures that lead to a conclusive understanding which catapults one to a higher level of perception. Once a second order change is experienced there can be no return to the old game.

Second order change requires five elements to be active. There has to be an Intention to make a change; a person has to focus their Attention on bringing that change about; they have to make the Decision to change at the appropriate time; they have to already have or will get the Skill-set to make the change; and finally they need access to enough Resources to activate the change. All of these can be activated by aligning with All That Is, or more fundamentally, with one’s own true Destiny.

EQuilibrium has a number of short and longer term programmes that bring systemic change for both individuals and business. Once you step out of the “Game without End”, life and business take on a mission for accomplishment. Real success awaits the person who has consistently achieved Metaphysical Advantage.