Francis - grant3 500Francis has been a trance Channel for over 40 years, but for the most part that was as a ‘reluctant’ one. Since he is also an astrologer it is surprising that he resisted what his own horoscope proposed. The midheaven(MC) is a line drawn from the place and time or birth directly overhead and might be said to indicate the direction one must take in life, one’s destiny. This line is the mediation between the nineth and tenth houses, one’s higher learning or even what one learns from life, and how one applies that, or the house of career.

destinyThe Sabian symbol for the MC for Francis is 19o degrees Scorpio: A parrot repeats the conversation he has overheard.  Dane Rudhyar interpreted this to mean the capacity to transmit transcendental knowledge. He continued by saying “the mind that has learned to be silent and attentive can become attuned to the rhythm of utterances which he may not comprehend intellectually, yet which may truly manifest superhuman realizations. Finally he noted the Keyword as CHANNELSHIP.

It is little wonder then, after all the reluctance and resistance has been subdued, Francis has learned to follow his own destiny.