Mercredan offers private recorded sessions via Skype anywhere in the world.    Book  Now

  • Sessions cost: US$150.00 – these fees may be reduced for some clients. Please contact me and discuss your specific situation; make an alternative offer and explain why this should apply in your case.
  • Be aware that New Zealand is (UTC +12:00) – Sessions are between 10.00am and 7.00pm NZST. When booking a session give your preferred time within these times.
  • Recorded sessions – sessions are recorded and a download link sent via email to the enquirer. It is recommended that session recordings and NOT listened to for 3 or 4 days to get the best results.
  • Make a list of Questions – Mercredan is a channel to Universal Consciousness. “He” has always insisted that he doesn’t interfere with anothers destiny. He says that if he were to tell you what to do then there would be no point in your life, he would be living it. Asking questions sets the direction for the conversation rather than expecting Mercredan to “tell” you what he thinks you should know or do!
  • Questions are about Yourself – Mercredan will NOT answer questions about another person’s life. He will answer questions about you and your life in response to another person.
  • You can ask Questions about anything – You can ask anything you like, but Mercredan will not always answer them. In the main he will say why he won’t answer the question, or he will speak to something that is behind the original quesion. Some questions are:- Health; Relationships; Work, Career, Purpose; Past-Lives.
  • Many times Mercredan’s Answers just Confirm what you already Know – Even though Mercredan’s answers often confirm something he will add extra dimensions that explain how, or why the thing is in your life.
  • Mercredan & Consciousness – Mercredan is not a person, or an entity, but is a position in Consciousness able to access a wider framework than normal. He will answer these wider questions about the operation of Reality.
  • You Create Your Reality in line with the Universal Laws – Mercredan says that we live life in physical existence to fulfil the 3 E’s of life; Education; Exploration; and Entertainment. He says that the most important of these is the Entertainment.