Stalking Life’s Purpose

A Metaphysical Apprenticeship  – auraStalking Life’s Purpose is not in absolute terms “a short course” but rather an ongoing apprenticeship in metaphysics. The overall sense of this viewpoint can be discerned by considering each aspect shown throughout the web site.
Perhaps this apprenticeship can be summed up through this definition of what has been loosely termed “the occult” method. Occult is a word that conveys a certain hidden knowledge. Generally, it is thought that this knowledge has been purposefully hidden from the uninitiated, and to a degree that is true. However, the true “occult” is hidden from perception only by its complete and utter obviousness. As humans we constantly look for the complex and ignore what is simple.
Stalking Life’s Purpose is a method of viewing other aspects of the Universe which have become known as “non-ordinary” worlds. This apprenticeship is embarked upon without time restraint. One starts when you are ready, and explores reality under guidance until you have arrived at a perspective that tells you to stop. You may begin again at another time or never. Initially the commitment is for a six month period.

Understanding the nature of ordinary and non-ordinary worlds gives you powerwithin them. With personal power you can transcend effects that ordinarily you have no control over.


The Quest – Creative Writing

Opening to Mythic Imagination – questThis writing workshop takes place in two hour classes over a twelve week period. It is a series of specially designed guided meditations in the depths of your imagination. During this Quest, you will meet the startling and exciting figures that inhabit your own inner life.
The inner figures are the same ones that guide you on the journey through life, and which most people never contact. These mythic figures often have messages and gifts to offer that can permanently change your life and how you think of yourself.
Given an adventurous heart, this method is suitable for those who wish to develop their own writing skills.

You will be amazed at the richness that fills your inner world, and the natural abilities you have for expressing them.

For a fuller description of the Quest course


Practical Astrology

chartA Scientific Interpretation – This course considers some of the observable characteristics of the solar system planets in terms of their astrological symbolism. Certain characteristics that are being observed through modern technology have been predicted by astrology through the observation of their influence on the human condition. Through the correlating with modern history we can show the symbolic connection between planets and human experience, supporting the hermetic principle, “as above, so below”. Relying on this same principle we study modern scientific discoveries about the planets and show how these new discoveries have modified old astrological interpretations.
The course gives a frame of reason as to why the relationship between man and planets might occur. Through relating these and other observable characteristics of the planets, we can begin to gain a deeper understanding of astrological influences in our own lives.
The course is at an introductory level and is designed to bring about a greater understanding of emerging patterns and cycles of our own life process. We demonstrate that astronomy is the study of external phenomena, while astrology is the study of internal phenomena. Astronomy is a road map of the external universe, astrology is a map of the psyche. We also consider the relationship of chemistry to alchemy; Chemistry is the study of external interactions, alchemy the study of internal interactions.
Astrology is a map of the psyche, alchemy is a way of working with the components of the psyche. Together these two studies give humanity a way for personal self-evolution in a Western Tradition.
There are many personality profile systems in the world today. Some of them are evolutionary systems, while others attempt to definitively categorise people. None of them have the ability to accurately assess all of the influences that make individual human beings unique, and to give a time frame for change. This is unique to the realm of astrological profiling.
Astrology can be used to:-
    • Understand yourself better
    • Clarify the areas of difficulty that might arise in a relationship
    • Discover the likelihood of compatibility between people
    • As a business recruitment tool
    • To find out what effects moving to another place might have on you
    • What effect the environment has on you over time
    • How you might deal with these environmental effects

The Art and Science of Astrology is beginning to be widely accepted as a tool for Self-Evolvement

 See article on the New Astrology

The Prophet Method to “Channelling”

clouds2-Day course in Developing the Ability to Channel – This method is free from many of the preconceived and commonly held misconceptions. It has been developed from personal instruction, years of experience and is amalgamated with NLP modelling techniques to provide a set of the most succinct and specialised practices.
People learning this technique will show a range of skill levels depending on their inherent ability to trust themselves and higher forces.
Everyone who attends the course will leave with an enhanced ability
    • To understand the process channels go through
    • To recognised a common Source of Truth
    • To be able to tap into a trustworthy depth in themselves
      (sometimes called the Higher Self)
    • To achieve a depth of relaxation and trance conducive to Channelling

The “Prophet Method” dispels the myths and beliefs around channelling so that a direct, uncomplicated and clear connection for guidance for yourself and others can be made. Using this model, we are able to demonstrate the ability and teach the process to others. The ability allows a person access to inner levels of reality that are not normally available to them.

“Channelling” is a skill that many people use unconsciously to access their creativity. In this course we explore different types and aspects of the phenomena.

Francis demonstrates deep level out-of-body channelling, and talks about the inner experience.

The roots of this programme make it unique as a methodology and not available anywhere else in the world.

There are many articles annd transcripts about Mercredan on this site


Magic of Dreaming

Unlocking the keys to your Dreams –Every night most of humanity dreams. Everyone’s dreams are stories told in unique languages. These languages are the codes of communication that the unconscious mind uses to work through and express the unfinished business of the day.
How we make sense of these communications, if indeed we do at all, is determined by our ability to interpret this inner language. There are many ways to do this, some of which are more productive than others.
EQuilibrium has a series of classes that innovatively combines many disciplines to draw out your inner abilities through the dream doorway. Many of the techniques have been incorporated from other modalities, and metaphysical perspectives.