A Creative Writing Workshop by Francis Evans

St JoanThis is a twelve session writing workshop that develops an ongoing relationship with one’s own creative self, using a process that helps you tap directly into your own source of creativity.

Through guided imagery exercises you are taken on a series of journeys into the unconscious mind, the birthplace of active imagination. Active imagination is a tool that allows a participant to dialogue with any obstacles to the natural flow of expression. It opens the door to the unsuspected strengths and limitations within yourself that show both within your personal life and in your life as a writer.

We often consider that the physical universe is that in which we live, yet in reality we spend more time in internal worlds, relating to and dialoguing with the many inhabitants of these planes. Sometimes these are recognisable people from the external world, alive or dead, at other times they are composites of many people who we have previously met, much as you would find within the dream world. Sometimes these internal figures can be animals, plants, rocks and even spaces. No matter what they all have something to say, a message that contains important insights. These insights are often of such therapeutic significance that they change the whole direction of your life. They offer guidance that arises from within, rather than from an external source.

After each journey you are encouraged to write the essence of your experience during the following week using a specific technique. During the following class we will listen to the dialogue format, ask questions and give suggestions that can open the imaginative field. Each session builds on the previous week’s discoveries. By the end of the period you will have gained an inherent ability to dialogue with your own unconscious mind, and discover its purpose and its reservations.

This is a class for both new and experienced writers, and for the many people who are looking for a method to tap into their own creative potential. The creative side is exposed when you have cleared the inhibitions that keep you locked inside yourself. The Quest is a method that releases your own creative side.

It starts in a place where the mythical, the imaginative meets the real world, and asks for your attention. You will uncover the relationship of technique to pure inspiration. The bonus is that the technique not only opens the doorway to creativity but also helps to clarify your own life purpose.

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This course is designed and delivered by Francis Evans. It can be delivered on CD and e-mail discussions for those in other parts of the world.