An open window to Consciousness

Mercredan – Seer? From the dictionary: a seer a person endowed with profound moral and spiritual insight or knowledge; a wise person or sage who possesses intuitive powers; an oracle; a person who delivers authoritative, wise, or highly regarded and influential pronouncements; any person or thing serving as an agency of divine communication.

Francis first began learning to channel in his early 20’s thinking that he was learning to meditate. His teacher at the time, hand-picked a group of young people. In the 1950s she was told her work would begin when the children came with the flowers. Acting on this inner knowledge she recognised and began initiating these young people with the ability to channel.

Many people ask where does the Mercredan come from? Has he been incarnated on earth as a human before? He answers that he is not from a linear place with which we could identify, rather he explains, that he is from a point in consciousness, much like the co-ordinates of a grid. This is a particular point of reference with which Francis resonates. He says his role is much like a window to a greater field of awareness, and he channels information through Francis so as to bring it in a simpler format so that we can understand the vast potential of what we are capable of at our level of understanding. Humanity is steadily moving beyond linear thinking, that is right and wrong, black and white, yin and yang, polarities. As the veils of separation and judgement disappear in our thinking, we are able to perceive greater fields of awareness beyond what we currently know. As to whether Mercredan has incarnated on this plane before now, no, not ever in physical form.

When witnessing Mercredan coming through Francis you can’t help but feel you are in the presence of a Great Master, who shines love and compassion through everything he relays to us. Each session lasts for one hour in which time there seems enough insight to reflect on to last you a lifetime. He chooses his words very carefully, and at first you can’t imagine this can be anyone but Francis in his higher self talking to you. You soon realise there is a particular quality of energy where Mercredan is coming from that is of a greater consciousness beyond our current frame of thinking.

Mercredan will speak on any topic under the sun, though he does emphasise that he will not interfere with free will, or choice. If you ask a question which effects your destiny, he will hint at possible ways to consider your choices, but will not endorse any particular direction you might take. He would say it is his greatest joy to drop seeds in our laps that we can choose to pick up and develop. Unlike a clairvoyant, Mercredan creates an understanding of why something is happening and the attitudes that lock it in one position. Should we want to change that position he will gently nudge us to consider alternative views we might not have thought of and which give the current dilemma a new look and a clearer way of seeing a way forward.

Anyone suffering a long standing illness will find a session with Mercredan very helpful. He highlights the attitudes which have kept the dis-ease in place, and by reflecting on these attitudes you can work to shift the blocks and distresses in your body. In these situations he may give you information of past lives from where the attitudes have been carried over unconsciously. Though he will say, past is past, and no longer exists, what is carried over are present memories of the past contained in our deeper mind, and that is what creates today’s illness.

Suicide is a very difficult thing, but Mercredan can give families an account of where their loved ones are at in the transition phase, or what will be happening to the one who passed over. He encourages the family or friends in ways to help the deceased one on their way.

Many people today are at a cross-roads between understanding the concepts of separation and Oneness. As a group we are moving away from linear thinking with its emphasis on opinionated judgements and the respect, acceptance and reverence for differences. Mercredan teaches this in many ways and always creates an air of fascination with this. We see and recognise that the world is going through many much needed changes as mankind is accruing the results of our past attitudes. He is extremely encouraging of how we can be part of a new paradigm of thought enabling the planet and all it’s peoples find a way forward. Ultimately he reminds us that we have to work together and as individuals to produce the result we all inherently know is possible.

For anyone wanting a private session with Francis and Mercredan, call Delaine Jones on (09) 971-8161 or 0270163 for an appointment.

Or if you have a group of people who would want exposure to a mind altering experience which takes all of us deeper into finding a way forward in our lives, Francis will come to you in your home or organisation.

Francis is one of the few still doing this some 30 years later. He is also available for teaching channelling workshops if anyone is interested forming a group.